Why We Love Children

Not everyone may want children but for the majority of people whether you want children of your own or not there is something about them that we love. It’s so hard to pinpoint just what it is about them that warms our hearts because when you look at a child a lot of emotions (usually positive surges our bodies and minds).  

Images of children seem to indicate the future. We see a time of innocence, wonder, naivete, kindness, and openness that we haven’t had in ourselves since we can’t remember. Children are flexible both in mind and body heck to do a diaper change you can bend them in half to wipe their little bums. Their eyes reflect wisdom and wonder at the same time. Their eyes are clear of pain (even though I’m sure birth wasn’t comfortable for them), and everything is brand new. They want to absorb life in every waking moment and that is why they are so full of energy. They desire to learn everything both physically and mentally about their surroundings. 

When we look at children we see potential. It’s almost like purchasing a new car or home. We are filled with the potential of what can be and not wat was. We don’t think about previous owners of our new home or car. We can’t wait to create something new for ourselves and our future. Children embody potential and our future.

We find it charming that a child sees a box as more than a box. A child can play for hours with a box and that is because a box is more easily manipulated, crushable, and even makes sounds. It stimulates all of their senses. Watching a child play with a box ignites our imagination as adults too. We see children as the box does for the child potential and stimulating.

It is a blessing to be part of a child’s life to renew our own potential by seeing theirs. Children represent family, love, imagination and so many other things. Did you know that even though we complain about our families especially around the holidays that spending time with family can reduce our stress?

During a time of upheaval in the United States we are comforted by our children and what they represent. We want to protect them because in a way it is our way of protecting ourselves and our innocence. Yes, whether you want children of your own or not we all, or the vast majority of us, see our own potential and our lost innocence when we lay our eyes on them. This is why we love our children so much. I’m sure there are many other reasons but at the heart we love what they are and can become.