How to Foster Your Child’s Leadership Potential

boys working together
Photo by Sir Manuel on Unsplash

by Dana Brown

No matter what kind of personality your child has, they can be a leader. Sure, some kids naturally possess more leadership traits than others, but any child can develop the skills and qualities it takes to be a leader among people. And those skills and qualities will prove to benefit your child well into their adult life. Love Certified Child Care invites you to find out how you can help pave the way for your future mover and shaker.

Put Them in the Field

Serving the community is a great way for children to learn about the value of humility and hard work. An added bonus, volunteering in the community will make your child stand out on scholarship and college applications.

● Take them to nursing homes or retirement communities to spend time and do activities with the residents.

● Volunteer as a family at a local homeless shelter, animal shelter, or library.

● Help them organize a community yard sale, bake sale, or similar event.

Cultivate Essential Leadership Skills

Listening, communicating effectively, learning from mistakes, and displaying character are some of the most important leadership skills a child can develop.

● Make sure your child understands that listening to others is a critical part of leading.

● Work with them frequently on reading, writing, and sharing their thoughts on various topics to help develop their communication skills.

● Encourage your child to join a school or recreational sports team to learn critical teamwork skills.

● Give them room to make mistakes, and teach them to learn from them.

● Teach them the importance of character by showing them how to embrace responsibility, honesty, and kindness.

Practice What You Preach

Another powerful way to teach your child to be a leader is to live it yourself.

● Take the leap to get the degree you’ve been wanting by going back to school for an online degree, and show your child the importance of education and perseverance. When you study, have them study their lessons beside you to build up this habit.

● Take care of your body, mind, and soul by practicing self-care regularly.

● Engage in conversations with your child often, and show them you are listening to them by expanding on their thoughts and opinions.

Helping your child develop leadership skills and qualities can set them up to thrive in their adult years. Remember to find ways for your child to volunteer in the community, focus on teaching them essential leadership skills in everyday life, and model the qualities you are teaching them.