Denver Long Term Child Care Services

Our long term child care services are the perfect solution for ongoing child care, scheduled ahead of time so you can maintain a balanced work-life schedule from home.


Plan Ahead for Child Care


Permanent Placement Options

Long-Term Childcare

Denver’s most affordable, safe, and loving long term child care provider.

 Asap Placement

Life can take you by surprise and suddenly you are without child care or in need of permanent placement as soon as you can get it. Most of the time we have child care professionals that are just waiting for a permanent family to take care of. For $1500 we can send you one of our professionals we already have on staff and that’s it. You have a new nanny and life returns to normal just like that! This includes a 6 month guarantee at no extra charge if the placement doesn’t work out.
*Sometimes we don’t have anyone available

Recruit Specifically For you

If you have more time and can wait for us to find the person that will be just right for a fee of just $2000 we will come and spend time with your family, talk with you about your specific needs, and observe the family relationships and environment. Once we find the person they will go through the same vetting process we do for all the child care professionals we hire for the agency but you will have the ultimate decision if they are a good fit for your family by also having an interview with you to finalize the hire. 

 Vetting Process Only

For $500 we will vet someone that you find yourself or referred to you by others including the 1 hour interview (optional), background check, and state-of-the-art reference check. No matter who recommends a potential candidate for your family you always need to perform a background check on them. If there is one thing I’ve learned you never really know a person and you need to do everything you can to ensure that you have the safest person around to take care of your children. We can do all the hard stuff for you so you can ensure the safest possible person for your family.


Permanent Placement Options

Love Certified Child Care understands that some families need more than one option when finding a permanent family for their family. We have created 3 different options with your family in mind


Plan Ahead for Child Care

Today’s world has blurred the lines of work life balance, bringing about confusion on where to even begin in finding dependable and reliable child care for working parents. Love Certified Child Care has taken all of this in mind to provide pre-scheduled child care time so that families can return to a more balanced life between work and family. 


Scheduled, Punctual and Planned Ahead


Reserved Dates and Times

Choose your preferred days and times to reserve your child care professional


Peace of Mind

Relax knowing that you have child care covered on specific days of the week so you can schedule your work and tasks around your care


Get Back on Schedule

Organization? Yes, you can now schedule away your days, weeks and months knowing that you have child care in place



Create a place of nurturing stability with dedicated times of fun activities and interaction with little one.


New Family

Think of us an extension of your family – trustworthy, dependable and compassionate


What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in our family centered approach to child care. We take the time to truly know and understand our families, their needs and work to provide a happy experience for every child in the home.


What Our Families Say

The staff is very professional. The owner called us personally to explain the process and answer any questions. The sitter was prompt, professional, and very accommodating. She even accompanied us to the doctor out of concern for my son. We were very impressed with the service and will be using them again.

Linda Lee

Outstanding in every way. They always have great activities for the kids, and the kids are always happy to see them. 

Michael Dowling


Our Child Care Services

Duldrums 1

Babysitters In A Pinch

We’ve got you covered

When plans and schedules change unexpectedly, you can count on Love Certified Child Care to provide professional, reliable and caring child care services for you and your family at a moments notice. We provide comfort and care for your children.


Extended Child Care Services


Sometimes you need additional help with the kids or around the house while your child care professional is in your home. Love Certified Child Care can help you in those situations too.

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Virtual Child Care Services


We understand everything that comes with running a household and raising kids. Sometimes you need just an hour to take that important zoom conference call, make dinner, or let’s face it, take a shower. That’s where Love Certified Child Care can help.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

We believe it’s equally important for you to get to know us as it is for us to meet you. We want to understand your child care needs – both when unexpected and when planned.