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Fully vetted Denver child care professionals for babysitting, nannies and extended child care services.


What Sets Us Apart

Unlike large child care platforms, every Love Certified child care professional has been personally interviewed, vetted and gone through a thorough background check before joining our team.


Our Love Certified Team

Love Certified Child Care takes great care in selecting only patient, dependable, trustworthy, CPR and First Aid Certified, and professional babysitters for our team. Meet our Love Certified babysitters and nannies.

Child Care Professional with Love Certified Child Care

 Kathie Brown Thomas

Kathie is a magician with children. She is kind, sweet, and engaging with all ages. Don’t let her age fool you she will be getting on the floor and engaging in activities with your little ones. She is kind with her discipline if it is needed but with Kathie and her magic discipline won’t be necessary.

Child Care Professional with Love Certified Child Care

 Amanda Ferguson

Amanda is one of those people that is a gem with children but shy with adults. Trust me when I say that your kids will absolutely love her. She teaches gymnastics and really enjoys interacting with children of all ages. You couldn’t find a more responsible, caring, kind person if you tried. She’s been with me for nearly 3 years and she’s never disappointed me.

Love Certified Child Care child care professional

Jaquelin Flores

Is an energetic and is very familiar with children and the impact a person can have on children. Her heart is in a good place for taking care of children with a large capacity to understand, love, and have fun with the children she takes care of. She considers herself responsible, has a good handle on time management, and is very organized. 

Child Care Professional with Love Certified Child Care

 Briana Perez

Briana is starting nursing school and has moved to Denver to attend nursing school. She is enthusiastic, compassionate, and warm-hearted. She enjoys being with children so she can let her inner-child shine but adds the responsible adult when necessary.

love certified child care professional

Aspyn Maestas

Aspyn is an energetic, creative person and thrives in situations where she gets to work with children. She is an avid Pinterest follower and constantly coming up with ideas on how to entertain children. She works well with all types of people, is dependable, and greets each new assignment with a smile. She’s great. 

love certified child care professional

Victoria Quintana

Victoria is so proud of being accepted into the School of Mines in Boulder. She worked hard in high school so she could have this opportunity. She is kind, loving, professional, and very conscientious. She strives to have positive engagement with children of all ages. We are very lucky to have her through the summer.  

Love Certified Child Care Child Care professional

Lisbeth Estevez

Lisbeth is a dynamo that is willing and ready to come to your home and engage with your beautiful children. She is patient, and kind. Though she understands that child care is playful she takes it seriously. She works hard and is reliable.

Love Certified Child Care child care professional

Katie Ruiz Gonzalez

Katie brings her energy for children and their care like she pursues success in all of her opportunities in life. She is driven, kind, and a terrific team player. Katie can work independently and has great problem solfing skills. She is committed, and enjoys working with children of all ages.  


Love Certified Child Care child care professional

Isabella Polito

Isabella is pursuing a career in Public Health and believes in community advocacy. She is driven and received a full scholarship for college. She loves being around children and seeing the world through their eyes. She enjoys sharing her talents in crafting with children. 

Love Certified Child Care professional

Be’Lit Garrity

Be’Lit is a creative and unique person that is seeking a career in game design geared towards children (in a good way). She comes from a big family and just enjoys being with children and it comes naturally for her to be with little ones. 

Love Certified Child Care child care professional

 Lucy   Cler

Lucy is young but unexpectedly responsible for her age.  She has been on the High Honor Roll throughout her high school attendance and has begun college classes in Sociology in Fort Collins. She is family oriented and looks forward to taking care of children of all ages through the summer.


What Our Families Say

Our family travels to Denver quite often due to family/work obligations. Thank GOODNESS I found Jaidene and the team at Love Certified. I can trust Miss Kathie and other team members with my kids (both young-toddler/under 8) and know that I will get a safe, experienced, and healthy caretaker. 

Patricia Daza-Luu

Super great experience! First time we hired a sitter for our 4 year old, 2 year old, and 8 month old and I could not be impressed more. I will definitely be using this company again and again. – Amanda Chandler

Amanda Chandler


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