6 Unique Date Night Ideas for Couples by Suzie Wilson

take time together and spend time alone. It just takes a blanket and imagination

Perhaps you and your partner feel like you’ve gotten into a rut lately, and beyond binge-watching a new show, you don’t have much excitement going on in your lives. Planning regular date nights can help you spice up your routines! If it’s tough to make plans without your kids, you can find reputable childcare providers through Love Certified. Plus, here are some inspirational date night ideas, from sending your partner a cute invitation to planning a weekend full of surprises!

Design Unique Invitations

No matter your plans for date night, you can set the mood by sending your partner a personalized invitation for the occasion! If you’ll be enjoying outdoorsy activities, you can create an invitation with natural imagery, or if you’re going out for fine dining, try designing a fancy invitation with a glitzy color scheme and metallic accents. You can get creative at no extra cost by using an online template to formulate your design.

“Kidnap” Your Partner

Does your partner like to be surprised? If so, try “kidnapping” them for a day or even a full weekend, and plan out a series of fun activities in a new destination without the kids coming along for the ride. You might want to head into a city a few hours away for a day trip, or even take a bigger vacation – for example, if there is room in your budget, you could book a trip to Disney!

Remember, if you want to “kidnap” your partner for a romantic getaway, you’ll need to arrange childcare first. If your extended family can’t help out, contact Love Certified and ask about their services and prices.

Try Themed Movie Nights

Dinner and a movie might feel cliche – but what about a themed movie night? Choose a movie that takes place in an interesting location or time period, and plan a themed dinner around it! For instance, if you’re going to see a movie set in a tropical location, make a reservation at a Caribbean restaurant, enjoy fruity cocktails, and dress colorfully!

Enjoy a Romantic Picnic

Pack a cute picnic basket with a cozy blanket, your favorite snacks and drinks, and bug spray, and then head to an outdoor spot in your area where you can relax and enjoy your date! Live Bold and Bloom recommends going to the beach, a scenic lookout spot, or a local botanical garden in your city.

Get a Couples Massage

Maybe you’ve both been stressed lately, and you need to truly unwind. If so, it’s time to book a couples massage! Wellistic states that couples massages bring many benefits, including regulating your mood, releasing anxiety and tension stored in your muscles, and cultivating a romantic spark. You’ll return home feeling completely refreshed and stress-free. If you both enjoy massages, you might want to consider booking one every couple of months, so that you’ll know you always have this to look forward to!

Take an Art Class

Perhaps you’re both in the mood to learn something new. Consider taking an art class together! You could sign up for a class that is offered once a week or biweekly, or you could simply take a one-night class to experiment with a new art form.

Making time for date nights is tough, especially if you have kids! But by prioritizing date nights, you can keep the spark alive and strengthen your romantic connection with your partner. With these tips, you’ll be ready to plan everything from picnics to surprise vacations and add a special touch with a cute invitation.

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