Frequently Asked Questionss


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the child care professionals?
Love Certified Child Care started with a fabulous small group of dedicated professional sitters. Throughout the years, we’ve kept our professional babysitters happy and, by word of mouth, our network of excellent and caring child care professional sitters and nannies has expanded and we’re proud to have each professional care provider on our team.
How are your child care professionals recruited?
We are very careful when finding our babysitters and nannies. The process includes and isn’t necessarily limited to the following: resumes are submitted, an in-person interview is conducted when policies of the company are discussed, payment is discussed, expectations are discussed, then a background check is performed using one of the top background checks on the web that give nation wide DMV and criminal records if they exist, references are checked and if you click here you will see a sample of the questions we ask. If everything goes accordingly, then they are hired.
Can I request the same child care professional?
You can always request a particular babysitter and we will do everything we can to secure them. If you require once-in-awhile child care services we can’t guarantee the same babysitter but you can always request. It is always our preference to book the same sitter for ongoing, consistent times. Please provide all of the dates and times with as much notice as possible so that the same sitter can be arranged. We will do our best to choose a sitter that generally has availability during those times however, we can never guarantee that the same sitter will always be available. We find it helpful for you to meet 3-5 sitters.
How do I book a child care professional?
If you haven’t filled out our application and client agreement you will need to do that first on the Family application page. Once you sign up you can text: 303-887-6680 the date and time you need a babysitter OR you can fill out our babysitter request form.
When should I book a babysitter?
It is always a good idea to book your babysitter with as much notice as possible. Booking a sitter with at least 24 hours notice is suggested. last-minute reservations are based on availability. We recommend scheduling the sitter to arrive at least 15 minutes before you have to leave.
Can I meet the babysitter before?
Many clients schedule a reservation prior to the date they will be leaving the sitter alone with their children so that they can get to know their sitter. All standard charges and minimums apply. Families may speak with their sitter by phone at no additional fee.
What about last minute requests?
We are able to accommodate most last-minute requests (less than 24 hours) There are additional fees when booking a sitter at the last minute (see client agreement).
What if I only need a sitter for an hour?
The minimum, 4 hours, is not negotiable. So no matter how long you use the babysitter you will always be charged the minimum of 4 hours. We DO offer one hour child care services with our Virtual Child Care service but a legal gaurdian or parent must be at home with the child during this time.
What if I need to cancel?
We strictly enforce a 24 hour cancellation and modification policy for all standard babysitting reservations. There is a 72 hour cancellation and modification policy for reservations with multiple Babysitters, for groups and for holidays (New Years Day, Valentines Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve).

If the reservation is cancelled or modified with less than the required 24 or 72 hours notice, then the minimum, 2 hours, will be charged to the credit card provided at the time the family application was submitted. Cancellations and modification may only be made by text that is time stamped with Love Certified Child Care directly, (303-887-6680). Cancellations or modifications with the babysitter or nanny will not be honored. There are no exceptions.

What if I want to recommend a babysitter?
We value your referrals more than anything and will always make sure that your referrals are treated with the utmost priority and respect. However, please keep in mind that you have signed a contract that indicates you will not share your Love Certified Child Care professional’s phone number or personal information with any third party. This is for the safety of the sitters and to ensure the highest quality of services for your family.
Do I always need to book a babysitter through Love Certified Child Care?
Reservations must be booked directly with Love Certified Child Care. Our sitters and nannies are under a non-compete contract and they will not work for any client (or third party) outside of Love Certified Child Care. The child care professionals respect their jobs, commitments and agreements and we hope you will too.
Should I pay a tip or gratuity?
Gratuities are given at each clients discretion. While sitters do not expect tips, they are appreciated. When you are satisfied with your sitters services, it is customary to tip 15-20% and need to be paid directly to the sitters with cash.
Are there fees in addition to the hourly rate for babysitters?

There is an annual charge of $200. This fee covers overhead accrued annually by the company as well as keeping us informed as to who is still utilizing the service. This fee will NEVER go up.

How are babysitters paid?
The agency pays the babysitter on a weekly basis. The agency will charge the card you give on the client agreement that you provide at the time you sign-up with us. You never need to stop and get cash from an ATM or write another check. This process also helps us keep track of your expenses when it comes to childcare. We generate a statement at the end of the year with the information on how much you spent on childcare, for a small fee, through, Love Certified Child Care in order for you to use it as a possible tax write-off.
What are your rates based on?
Our pricing structure typically includes a placement fee and an hourly wage rate, which includes the nanny or babysitters wage, ongoing professional guidance, recruiting costs including background checks, conflict management between you and our babysitters if necessary, plus placement professional fees and access to backup care and emergency backup, including convenience costs attributed to billing and accounting.
Do you place both nannies and babysitters?
Yes we do. If you need someone ongoing and permanent Love Certified Child Care will recruit someone for you and you will have the option to meet them before you have them start with you. We also have trusted babysitters and nannies that you can trust for short term such as date nights, and taking the all important time to yourselves that parents and caregivers need.

If you choose to hire a nanny permanently there is a 10% placement fee based on their hourly pay per year (monthly payment options can be arranged for placement fees), and then the nanny is yours, and you will schedule and pay them yourself.

Do you offer transportation?
We will provide transportation with babysitting but NOT  transportation on its own as a service. Our child care professionals are not a taxi service for children and their varied activities. There are some agencies out there that do offer transportation for the older children that really don’t need babysitting anymore but are still too young to transport themselves to various activities or from school when school locations are not close to home.