OMG a NEW YEAR! Already!

happy new year Seriously; OMG! I don’t know about you but every time that a new year begins I can’t believe that a whole year has passed me by. Of course most of us probably try to evaluate how we passed the year. Did we accomplish what we set out, did we stick to our resolutions, did we improve our lives, is there anything that is different from the previous year that has effected us?

I have to admit that on first glance I don’t think anything has changed but on a closer look to what I’ve done in the past year I’m impressed. My business has grown, I have a roommate that I love, I’ve done some things I’m proud of, and I also have done some things that I’m not proud. The biggest thing though, I’m old and getting older but my life path is still full, and full of adventure.

As you begin your new year be kind to yourself, don’t go overboard with silly resolutions that you won’t keep (mostly), make a resolution to love yourself at the place you are right now. If you aren’t; so what. Accept the fact that you will never be perfect. There will always be areas you can improve, a temper you can better regulate, weight that could be better, exercise to be more healthy, better eating habits, be more organized, and the list can go on and on. But evaluate you, your family, and loved ones to see if they are happy, and if you’ve contributed to that happiness, and if you have you’ve had a great year! Those are the things that really matter. Be proud of all the happiness around you and that you’ve contributed. Good job!