Trick o’ Treating Fact or Fiction

We have all heard different Halloween urban legends from tainted candy to the sacrifice of black cats.


so what is true and what is bogus, what is somewhat true and what is ridiculous? Let’s find out shall we?

  1. Let’s start with the tainted candy tale. This one goes back so far that I remember it from back in the 60s when I was young to be trick o’ treating. I remember the fear, and talking about it with my friends when we our parents would only let us go to houses where we knew the families. Well this one is TRUE but not that frequent. Poison candy has never been proven to be factual. So, still be very careful but remember tainted candy isn’t as big a threat as we thought.
  2. Halloween is the second largest retail sales holiday in the U.S. Nope! It may seem like it with all the Halloween decorations, costumes, costume parties, and I admit it is a bigger holiday than when I was younger. But no, it is NOT the second largest retail sales holiday in the U.S. Halloween was my favorite holiday until, what seemed like, everyone else got on the band wagon; then I said BOO to Halloween and moved to Thanksgiving.
  3. How about the legend of Bloody Mary? Of course this one is ridiculous! But where on earth did it start? Why would anyone even believe that going into a dark room with no light and chant Bloody Mary for how many times there would appear a witch in the mirror!? Come ON! Of course I never did it to prove it wrong because what if it was…?
  4. Prediction of Halloween Murders on college campuses. This one recirculates every so often. Kind of odd that it is false because this one does sound plausible. I’m glad it isn’t true but in this day in age, sadly, you could accept it as truth. I’m happy to report this is FALSE!
  5. The sacrifice of black cats. Very, very sadly this one IS TRUE! Halloween is one of those holidays that may have a propensity for people to take advantage of living creatures that have no voice for themselves. Pets and animals are abused and even sacrificed on this holiday. So much so that a lot of shelters refuse to allow adoptions of cats especially black cats the days and weeks before Halloween.

So visit the links I’ve put in, read about the legends, and have a safe Halloween. Halloween is meant to be fun, spooky, and enjoyed DON’T use it as an excuse to be cruel to animals and or those less fortunate. Also be aware and talk to your children about what is appropriate for Halloween and what isn’t.