Chaos Ensues Back To School


It’s that time of year. It is a time filled with bitter-sweetness. Sweet because your worries about how to take care of your children while you work is gone until 3 pm or so, gone is the need for transportation during the day to camps, swimming, activities, etc., gone is the worry about if the care giver is just watching tv while your little ones are running around the house with no direction, or that you’ll come home to a disaster due to the babysitter wanting extra money to just do basic clean-up after your kids have been tearing through the house all day with no guidance (of course these babysitters don’t work for me).

The bitter because you will need to help do homework and ensure that it is done, schedule pick up and transportation again, going to back-to-school nights, and PTA meetings, school functions that you want to go to but have to schedule to get off of work if they are during the day, finding babysitters that are willing to work for just a couple of hours a day on a regular basis, getting school supplies and clothes, and now really caring if your kids have on the same clothes from yesterday so the laundry tasks increase! Let’s not even discuss the chaos of mornings OMG!

You’ve read all the organizational articles, and books about how to keep it together for school, how to spot bullying if your child is a bully or being bullied, how to help with homework, engage in after school discussions, and it always ends up chaotic, no matter what you do.

So amidst all of this; the only advice or consolation I can give you is:

good luck