Virtual Child Care

Need some help to finish that project, to get the house clean without interruption or just to take a shower? Love Certified Child Care can help you for as little as one hour.

Virtual Child Care Services

Love Certified Child Care understands the challenges that come from working from home. You still have tasks to complete, meetings to attend and a child to take care of. This is where we can help you.

We provide virtual child care services to working parents that are looking for a way to be around their children while staying home. We provide qualified, experienced & caring virtual babysitters and nannies to take care of your children in the comfort of your home. Our virtual child care professionals are passionate about helping children learn and grow.

Our Virtual Child Care services are available nationwide and start at $20/hr with a one-hour minimum.


Attentive Child Care

Screen time is not ideal, but we understand that it is a new way of providing child care. Our virtual child care service provides an app free experience while on screen with an attentive, patient and caring child care professional.

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Creative Interaction

Creative is our middle name. With a never-ending list of creative ideas and activities for children, we’ll keep your child busy and active so you can complete your work uninterrupted. 

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Caring Communication

Virtual child care doesn’t mean we skip the caring communication. In fact, it means that your child has our full attention and we are all ears when it comes to anything they would like to discuss, play or create.


Fun Activities, Interaction and Care



 A great way to stay active and attentive

Alphabet Search

You say a letter and the child has to find something that starts with the letter in their home (make sure you make space boundaries so they don’t go where Mom or Dady are working

Role Play

The child chooses someone to imitate either from their family or friends, or even you

Story Time

Reading a favorite story to younger children and for older kids, you can start a chapter book and they finish on their own

20 Questions

A well known favorite and a great way to get know each other

Eye Spy

Based on what the child sees in their own home OR on the screen from your home

Air Drawing

A favorite with the kids, they draw something int the air and you have to guess what it is

Writing a Story

The child care professional and child choose a topic and write the story together

Bringing Books to Life

The child chooses a favorite book and acts out the story

Build Off Contest

Children have a building contest to see who can build the best object/structure/toy, etc.

Simon Says

A favorite of every child and adult

Squiggle Drawings

Begin with squiggle line pass it to another child and they draw a connecting line and so on until you have a picture they can color


A game that works well at a distance

Dance Party

Free dance, or choosing age appropriate music and choreograph a dance to the song

World Culture

Learn about different countries, what they eat, what animals are there, etc. Screen shares work great for this activity


Trace either the hand or foot and turn it into art

Furniture Stories

Have the child tell stories about their life as if they are a piece of furniture – a chair, sofa, table, lamp.


Find a word in the dictionary that no one knows and make up your own definition

What Sets Us Apart

Mobile apps only work for so long to hold a child’s attention, and we already know that apps and screen time are not the best option for their development. We turn the screen time into creative time utilizing fun and creative activities to keep your child engaged, connected and active. It’s a win win for your child and you.


What Our Families Say

This service is amazing! It has saved me several times when my regular childcare has been sick or we’ve had some emergent changes in plans. Jaidene is a wonderful communicator and easy to get ahold of. She has been able to help me out every time. I can not recommend her and the sitters enough. My kids have loved their sitters and still talk about Ms Mandy. Thank you Jaidene!

Julia Brant

I needed just 90 minutes to complete an assignment. Love Certified Child Care came to the rescue for me with the virtual service. My daughter was engaged, giggling and had so much fun. Thank you!

Ryan Scott


Our Child Care Services

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Babysitters In A Pinch

We’ve got you covered

When plans and schedules change unexpectedly, you can count on Love Certified Child Care to provide professional, reliable and caring child care services for you and your family at a moments notice. We provide comfort and care for your children.

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Long Term Child Care


When you need ongoing, pre-scheduled child care for your children, Love Certified Child Care provides long-term child care professionals for your family on recurring days and schedules. Our family is your family.

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Extended Child Care Services


Sometimes you need additional help with the kids or around the house while your child care professional is in your home. From laundry to help with meal prep Love Certified Child Care can help you in those situations too.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

We believe it’s equally important for you to get to know us as it is for us to meet you. We want to understand your child care needs – both when unexpected and when planned.

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