5 Ways For Busy Families To Be Well-Prepared for Home Selling Success

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Successfully sell your home while staying organized with children.
Photo by cottonbro. Article by Janice Russell

Image courtesy of Pexels

Oftentimes, parents feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect of selling a home. Active kids, work, arranging finances, and so forth can leave you feeling like a circus performer as you juggle responsibilities. However, there are creative ways to tame the beast of home selling so it isn’t such an added burden on busy families. Love Certified Child Care invites you to read on for practical tips and tricks for getting your house sold in no time, even when you have a full plate.

1. Challenging conversations

Kids figure out quickly if something is going on, and with the upcoming transition, a lot of changes are coming their way. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good time to talk with your children about what’s happening. Have a conversation that includes making them part of the process. By actively engaging them, they can feel important and get excited. Talk about things like boxing up belongings, and have them make choices about which toys don’t get stored until moving day. Another idea is to have your child help with the actual packing, even if it’s only pillows! Make sure they know decor changes are temporary, and all their belongings will be in the new home.

2. Get squeaky clean

Before you worry about anything else, spend some time cleaning your home until it sparkles. Choose efficient cleaning products so you use as little time and energy as possible scrubbing and sweeping, and put the whole family to work. Have the kids help catch the cobwebs and dust, and Clean Conscience suggests using a checklist to ensure you tackle it all.

If your furniture could use a refresh, make cleaning anything fabric a priority. This will help your home stage better, and ensures you’re taking a clean piece into your new house. Don’t try this yourself, and instead search for an upholstery cleaner near you to find a reputable service with positive reviews. Be sure to ask about any chemicals as well as the cleaning process to make sure everything is above board.

While you’re whipping your house into shape, it may make sense to use Love Certified Child Care to find a qualified sitter to watch your little ones while you clean and get organized. This will help you focus on tasks for prepping your living area while giving the kids a break as well.

3. Pare down to essentials

When planning for showings, view your home through the eyes of a house hunter, and make changes accordingly. For Sale By Owner explains decluttering all but basic essentials lets potential buyers picture their own things in the space. That means eliminating the evidence of the house being yours – those personal items which make it really feel like home should all be boxed up and stored, preferably offsite. Look for self storage in the Denver area so you can clear out any items, at least temporarily. It’s a great opportunity to get a head start on packing for the move, but part of the difficulty can be children’s rooms.

4. Rethinking children’s spaces

If your kids’ rooms are styled with strong themes, like action heroes, sports themes, cartoons, or animals, toning it down will make it easier for buyers to envision living in the space. Neutralize the decor, and to help your youngsters feel like part of the equation, give them a few small choices about what direction things go. For instance, if you’re painting over bold pink walls to quiet the color scheme, give your child a handful of paint chips to pick from so the new color is her choice even though you’re providing the general selection.

5. Getting out and about

It’s important to be out of the house when buyers come to view it, which can be a conundrum to many families. Kids can get restless and frustrated, so have some entertainment in place. Have interesting toys in your vehicle especially for outings, and when weather is agreeable, head to local parks so they can burn off energy. Simple activities like getting a special snack can give them something to look forward to, and it removes some of the angst of leaving the house at the drop of a hat.

Selling a home isn’t easy, especially when you have a busy family. Remind yourself and the kids it’s all temporary, and present your home well. Thanks to your well-executed preparations, you’ll have the house sold in no time!