Time to Choose a Bike for Your Child?

Believe it or not, spring will be here soon and the weather will get good again. If you have kids you will begin considering purchasing a bike for them. It’s an exciting but scary dilemma. Another time of them achieving independence and moving beyond toddler hood and moving into childhood. When is a good age for kids to start biking and what bike to buy are topics that will be covered in this post. 


The age a child will be most comfortable is normally around 4 years old. Depending on your child and how your child does with balance it could be later or earlier but most experts suggest 4 years as the average optimal age. 


Now that you know the average age for your child to begin to ride a bike what is the correct bike for your child? Did you know that there are 6 different styles of bikes you can choose from? From balance bikes to mountain bikes know what you are getting into.


The most common advice I found from website to website is DO NOT BUY A BIKE THAT YOUR CHILD WILL GROW INTO! Experts across the board say that is the biggest mistake a parent or guardian can make. The experts understand that you want to save money and kids grow fast! Oh, my word do they grow fast but don’t be tempted to purchase a bike for them to grow into. If you get a bike too big it can really ruin the bike-riding experience for your children because the right size bike will be a bike that will be easy for them to handle a lot safer, and more fun to ride in general.

Sizing a bike for your kids is significantly different than buying one for yourself. Adults find a bike based on the frame size; a child’s correct size is based on the WHEEL SIZE. Take the time to measure your children properly before you purchase a new bike for them.

So, saddle up and have fun this summer. Your children will have so much fun with the correct bike for them and the right size. Oh, one more thing; don’t forget to add more fun and accessorize  the bike too. There is nothing more fun than a horn, flames and a great color. Then step back and watch them take their first ride and see their face of confidence when they take off on their own.