5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Elementary School

Choosing a school that is good for your child is more important than you think. It’s also important that you know your child and how they learn not just what schools are the best. After all some children learn better with regiment, some learn better when it’s play centric, some are better at math, some are better with reading and each school has its strengths and you need to understand, not only, what is the best school but their ability to reach your child and their unique personality. Not all schools have the same platforms.

Once you understand the best way your child learns now you can begin the research for choosing a school. Trust me, once you understand the way your child learns it will really shorten your list of schools significantly.

What to consider when choosing a school for your child:

  1. Cost. We all want the best for our children but sometimes we can’t afford it. We all understand how important education is but we also need to understand that we also need to save for college too. Public school can be relatively more expensive so remember if you choose a private school it will be more expensive.
  2. Type of schools that will cater to your individual child; Charter Schools, Magnet Schools, Public and Private Schools, Online Public Schools.
  3. Is the school diverse in academics and culturally. Exposing our children to a variety of cultures and academics will enhance their development socially as well as emotionally and improve later success in life.
  4. Meet potential teachers and ask them how they handle their classroom, what tools they use to motivate a student’s learning. See if the classes are crowded and if children will have access to one-on-one time if necessary and or tutoring.
  5. Most importantly does the school engage children in physical activity and will your children have enough time to eat and play at lunch time. There are some schools that don’t give a child enough time at lunch to eat and play with their friends and a lot of children will skip eating in lieu of playing with their friends. Physical play needs to be part of the education process in order for social skills to be developed and to allow them to release some of their energy so they can focus on school work.

There are other things to consider too but this is enough to get you started. Choosing a school that is right for your child is exciting, sad, and should be fun. Don’t get too stressed out because if your choice doesn’t work out perfectly you can always change schools. Just make sure that you are vigilant when they are starting out to make sure that you have made the right choice because if you wait too long to change schools if necessary it could be difficult.