Unique Child Care

.When you think about your children you know just how unique they are. The way they drink from their cups, what motivates them to eat, if they learn about their world through creativity, physical play or both. If you have more than one child you see that siblings are very unique too. One child may be anxious, another might be head strong, one might be silly and another serious. When you need child care why would you take a cookie-cutter approach to your unique children? How to trust and convey the uniqueness of your children to the daycare, the child care professional coming to your home is important in choosing the right fit for you and your family. 

There are times when considering child care a “big box” approach is just fine but when you want your children to be treated as individual a “boutique” approach would be better. When you choose child care keep in mind the needs of your children, their age, independence, emotional needs, and what they need for success, not necessarily as it relates to education either.

Some children like to be with other children others may not. For some children a lot of kids can create stress for them. Every child is different so when you decide you need help with your child care you should take into consideration more than their age when choosing child care.

With all of the options to choose from and how frequent you need help with child care will also determine what type of care your family needs. The most important thing to remember is the uniqueness of your children and how they will thrive the most, have the most love, create healthy connections, and feel secure. A lot to consider but intuitively you’ll know what’s right.