Coping with Holidays During Coronavirus and Creating New Traditions

The year of, what seems to be, so much disasters, changes, remote learning, working from home, and then the holidays! Normally families look forward to the holidays but this year things are going to be very different to keep us all safe. But is this a bad thing? Sometimes our children can be more of an example of resilience than adults. Have you ever watched a child play? They create imaginary worlds and invent new ways to approach life. 

Children are inventive, creative and haven’t yet experienced that some things just aren’t possible. So in a child’s mind anything can be accomplished you just have to find a way to make it work. 2020 is a fabulous opportunity to begin new traditions for children and the family that we may not have thought of before.

5 New Holiday Traditions

  1. Your family may already do this but walking the neighborhood to see all the Holiday decorations is very heart warming. How fun to come home after walking your neighborhood and coming home to a warm beverage; hot chocolate and whipping cream for the kids and a warm cocktail for the parents (you deserve it).
  2. This year especially there is a huge need for food at food banks. Start a tradition where you allow the kids to put together a box of their favorite foods to take to a food bank and then have them go with you to drop it off at the food bank. Don’t just donate financially but giving something physical helps kids see what it looks like to be less fortunate.
  3. Caroling isn’t a new thing but it has gone along the wayside and during Covid I suggest caroling at retirement homes, assisted living centers etc but not going inside but carol while walking on the outside perimeter. Our elderly are really suffering with isolation and having some wonderful carols sung outside their residence can really assist their mental health. 
  4. Create a hot chocolate bar for the family. It doesn’t have to be complicated just fun ingredients you choose that the kids will love, and will be a treat for everyone and then enjoy a fun Holiday movie night.
  5. Try making an imperfect Holiday tradition. Make cookies that aren’t perfect, cook a meal with only favorites for each family member (could be horrible but memorable for sure)! Make tree decorations that are made from things from the outside. Just don’t burn the house down.

Just remember the holidays are meant to be fun and that doesn’t mean that just because we don’t get to celebrate the way we’re used to it won’t be fun and memorable. This year is such a fun time to take an opportunity to create new and fresh holiday transitions that you may want to take forward in your life.