5 Reasons To Be Grateful in 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 has been the most challenging year for our families. We have had school closures, remote learning, working from home in a full house that is probably chaotic too, natural disasters. Our children are asking questions about racism, hate, and why they can’t play on the playground, can’t play with their friends, can’t go to the movies, so much has changed.

We, as adults, can’t go out to eat with our partners. and friends, have our friends for dinner parties, go to church, celebrate life events, go to the gym, so, so many things we are prohibited from doing and let’s not even mention the United States presidential election that contributed to our anxiety.

In such a rough year we may feel like Thanksgiving is not even something we want to celebrate. I think that Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated more than ever. It is more essential for us to look for the positives in our lives. Let’s think about some of the reasons we are grateful for this year and hopefully I can help you get started.

5 Reasons to be Grateful:

  1. Families are actually spending more time together due to Covid-19. That time is making us learn about one-another in a meaningful way, and have conversations with our kids that we haven’t had before. It is strengthening our family bonds even though it may seem like just the opposite. This could be one of the most helpful times in recent history we can be with our family in a concentrated way and we have the opportunity to take advantage of it.
  2. People are actually recognizing and are grateful for their good health. During this time we feel incredibly grateful for our health and are working hard to keep ourselves that way. We are eating better, and exercising (mostly as a way to get out of the house safely).
  3. We have more opportunities to be compassionate. Most people are compassionate but Covid-19 has brought to the fore-front our compassionate side, and what a wonderful teaching moment for us to teach our children. This is an opportunity that we can teach our children that life is  about more than themselves and participate in activities that aren’t school, screens, and can take the place of friends while helping others. We can choose to grocery shop for the elderly, donate to food banks, and wear our masks for the people around us at ease.
  4. Technology is something that most of us wouldn’t know what to do without now that we are home more. We get to continue to work, go to school, have virtual parties, learn about a whole world we may not even have known existed. Heck, technology even helps us get our groceries and can play games with us if we live alone by using a home assistant such as Google or Alexa. 
  5. Taking notice of the little things and realizing how wonderful it is that we so much. A simple thing I’m grateful for is the $1.50 hotdog deal at Costco. I love those hotdogs! If we take notice of our pets and what they do to help our emotional health, Oh my gosh I just thought of running water! I learned about 10 years ago that the majority of people in the world do NOT have running water. So lucky to live where I live. 

So let’s just put away our pouty faces and remember that there is so much more that we have then we don’t have. I don’t live in a tent, I have running water, I have family and friends that love me, and Costco hotdogs! What more could I ask for?