3 Tips on How to Survive Remote Learning

Well, unfortunately it looks like students are returning to remote learning and you’re probably having to return to work from home too. It’s hard not to worry about the quality of your child’s education at this time. Are they getting enough attention, are they learning the best way for them, what can you do to help, do you need to bring someone into your home to help the kids with remote learning? All of these questions are valid and hopefully we can help you to answer some of the questions.

1. Are my children getting enough attention during remote learning?

If teachers are invested and engaged with your children it is up to parents and caregivers to jump in and assist with answering questions, that sometimes seem to be urgent especially in regards to the youngest students. Teachers can’t circulate a classroom to give undivided attention to individuals but people that are there in-person can and should.

2. Are my children learning the best for them?

Maybe not. but it will take more effort on everyone’s part to help children to learn the best that they can and possibly find ways to help them like Youtube videos: ilearn.fyi . This little gem was designed by a high school student in Ontario and is all the rage. You should check it out and fill in deficiencies your child is encountering with this and other resources. If you’re need additional help with the way your children are learning. alexis-brown-omeaHbEFlN4-unsplash reading and learning

3. Do you need additional help for remote learning?

If you have younger children you will more then likely need help with remote learning unless you are available for them yourself and when I say younger I mean younger then 8 years old. After that monitoring doesn’t need to be quite so stringent. With that being said, you do need to make sure that you create an environment that is conducive to learning and used just for learning

This is a difficult time for everyone and stress is running high but there are resources out there for families that can possibly help reduce some of the stress. You are not alone, and there is no shame in asking for help and getting the help you need. {{cta(‘c99292aa-1620-44e2-8f37-7a7dbe05fb58′,’justifycenter’)}}



When researching important details such as home prices, school districts, and the like, also look for homes that already have the accessibility features you need. Even though they can be difficult to find, there are homes with features such as wheelchair ramps, chair lifts (for two-story homes), and other essential accessibility modifications.

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