Covid Returns: 3 Steps to Take to Ensure Your Family’s Safety

Covid/Coronavirus has returned with a vengeance. Can you as a family survive another go-around? Can you afford to pause your work life for your family life and safety? What will you do for child care if you can’t afford to pause your work life and your career needs you to continue to work from home, if necessary. How can you feel comfortable to bring a non-family member into your home to take care of the kids while you work? 

We do know more about the virus then we did in March, and even though we know more, it is still a real threat to our health, finances, and our lives. Life must continue. What can we do to take charge?

When considering child care it is probably safer to have a child care professional in your own home then sending your children to school or a daycare. That decision is entirely up to individual parents but if you decide to have a child care provider in your home there are some things you need to do to ensure your family’s health.

1. Educate yourself 

it is important that you know what the virus really does, how it is spread, and what can you do to stop the spread of the virus whether it is wearing a mask, washing hands consistently, etc. You need to know what are safe guidelines for you to follow.

2. What are your expectations for your caregiver

Be clear about the rules you want your child caregiver to follow outside of your home. There is nothing wrong with doing this and you shouldn’t view it as intrusive. Most of the time they should be adhering to these safety strategies already including always wear a mask in public and limit their exposure to strangers.

3. Ask the questions of both you and your caregiver

You should not only make sure that your babysitter is safe to have come into your home but is it safe to have someone take care of your family. Your babysitter shouldn’t be worried about taking care of your family and that they are potentially exposing themselves to the virus. It is a two-way street. So ask the questions not only for a babysitter but your family and anyone that is welcome into your home. We are in this together.

Try not to have more anxiety than is necessary. You can have the help and knowledge you need to maneuver this time that is so NOT what we are used to. mark-teachey-rhq2czV32_E-unsplash a statue of children with masks