The 2020 Guide to a Happy (and Healthy) Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, but with COVID-19, many families aren’t sure how to proceed. Many neighborhoods aren’t holding a Trick-or-Treat, and many families don’t want to participate in one, anyway. Still, it would be a shame to let this Halloween pass us by without so much as a passing jump scare. Love Certified Child Care understands how important it is for kids to get consistency and participate in tradition, and while you might need to tweak your traditions a touch this year, you can still have a great Halloween.  

 Safe Party Ideas  

Small outdoor gatherings and virtual events are still on the table.  


  • Host a small group of friends for a backyard Halloween party around the fire pit, which you can do yourself. Make sure everyone wears masks and keeps six feet of distance! 
  • Have your kids invite their friends or classmates to a virtual costume party so they have a chance to show off their spooky looks.  
  • If you can’t get everyone to meet up, use social media to hold a virtual costume contest. Everyone can vote on great looks — send a restaurant delivery gift card to the winner.  


Trick-or-Treat Alternatives  

We can still get some treats out of this grand cosmic trick.   

  • Instead of the usual Trick-or-Treat, borrow ahead from Easter and hide candy throughout your home or yard. Have your kids dress up in costume and search for goodies 
  • If you have very little kids, you can make standee houses and hold a pretend Trick-or-Treat at home. Toddlers will love going from “house” to “house” and getting a treat from Mom or Dad. Plus, it’s safe, low-stress practice for next year!  
  • Trunk-or-Treats, if done properly, can be a low-risk way to enjoy the holiday with close friends or family members within your bubble.  


Grown-Up Ghoulishness  

It’s your Halloween, too – here are some ways to enjoy it.  



This year’s Halloween will be like none before it and, hopefully, like none that follow. However, we can still find ways to embrace the spirit of the holiday and get our spook on. We hope these tips help you figure out your safe, healthy Halloween.  


Want some time to yourself this fall? Check out Love Certified Child Care to get a break!  


Photo Credit: Pexels