10 things your babysitter loves about your children

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone, can be a babysitter. And not everyone who thinks they can be a babysitter can take on this profession. It’s hard and it takes a certain type of person to love it. After 9 years of interviewing candidates as babysitters I always ask; “What do you enjoy about looking after children?” The reasons vary from watching kids to playing with them. Here are the most frequent answers to this question. Enjoy! don't be in such a hurry to grow up

1. Watching them see the world in a new light, a way that they haven’t noticed in a long time, forgotten or never even thought of on their own.
2. Playing with them and being able to temporarily let go of their adulthood.
3. Teaching them how to become independent.
4. Hearing them laugh with delight when something tickles them.
5. letting them create and be excited about creations.
6. Being included in your child’s world and accepted to share their wonder.
7. Looking into their eyes and seeing true innocence that needs to be protected, nurtured, and loved.
8. exploring the world with them and helping them understand nature.
9. explaining how science works and watching their eyes light up when they’ve learned something new.
10. Their never-ending-energy!

In know this article isn’t about Covid-19, virtual learning, parents stressing out etc. but it is more about taking a step back and reveling in the joy of childhood and the rejuvenation our children can give us if we would just take a step back, breath, and look deeply into their beautiful eyes that are full of light, wonder, and openness to what is next for them. Try to look into the sky and, to quote a child, wonder “why are clouds so magical”. Why are clouds so magical...never forget to keep your wonder alive



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