Virtual Babysitting is the New Normal

Look, this is the one of the worst times for parents. Emotions are high, kids are bored out of their gourd, and there is no relief in sight….or is there?

More and more parents are working from home and they have meetings, phone calls, etc that they need to focus on so what do you do? Schedule a virtual babysitter to keep the kids occupied during those times. Virtual babysitters can even help with school work through zoom with screen share capabilities. We have to change the way we think about babysitting and scheduling shorter blocks of time to accommodate your work and to help with school work is a perfect way to schedule virtual babysitting

How does Virtual babysitting work?

  1. It normally works with older children starting at around 5 years old who are able to stay still and occupied for blocks of time.
  2. Short blocks of time should be scheduled; no more than an hour at at time.
  3. Schedule a virtual babysitter for when you have meetings, conference calls, or other times when you can’t be disturbed.
  4. Virtual babysitting is an alternative to turning on a screen to watch cartoons or another mindless video. Instead the babysitter will bring simple activities to guide your children through fun and entertaining activities.
  5. You can schedule separate blocks too so if you need a virtual babysitter for 2 or three hours split up the time with blocks of time through the day so the kids are able to stay focused and engaged.

6 Benefits of virtual babysitting

  1. Less expensive then traditional babysitting due to time limits.
  2. Give you the time you need to work from home without worrying about what the kids are doing or watching.
  3. Focused and undisturbed meetings for when you are working from home.
    change during coronavirus
  4. Some much needed free time for you and your spouse to reboot.
  5. Take away the responsibility to help with homework.
  6. Being able to ensure social distancing while having someone else share the responsibilities of childcare.

Now is the time for change. The Coronavirus epidemic is forcing us to change the way we operate in our daily lives. Though being at home with the kids 24/7 is a bonding experience we STILL need a break. Let’s face it, kids are a vortex of activity and energy and when you have dishes to do, grocery lists to comprise, a house to clean, work meetings and conference calls on and on; keeping them entertained and engaged can be yet another thing to add to feelings of being overwhelmed.


Babysitters are here, and want to work. A good babysitter loves being around kids and they are feeling wanting to help. Just because things have changed and social distancing has become the norm it doesn’t mean babysitters don’t still want to be there for you and your family. You should really think about virtual babysitting and how it can help you and your family.




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