5 reasons you need a babysitter

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The Coronavirus has sent family life into chaos and fear. It is understandable that parents are feeling overwhelmed because there is a high amount of stress and an increase of responsibility not to mention working from home while the kids are running around and needing care themselves. Family life has changed and studies show that parents are struggling with how to best serve their children and their family as a whole. Here is a list of reasons you should and need to get a babysitter.

  1. High anxiety

    due to working from home, at-home schooling, high-energy children that are stir crazy and so much more not to mention finances.

  2. Tempers

    running high and impatient behavior in communication with our spouse leading to fights where we are saying hurtful things in front of our children that we can’t take back.

  3. Frustration

    with the situation, how to move forward, and what is going to happen now and in the future in relation to childcare and school. You KNOW you can’t do this forever.

  4. Real fear

    as to how to proceed in relation to the safety of our children and family and how to navigate our future while being safe.

  5. overwhelmed

    you have so much to do and do it all at once. The kids need help on their devices, you need to meet deadlines, phone calls and online meetings need to be done, everyone needs to be fed, kids need to get off of their devices but HOW?

These are the reasons you need to get a babysitter, and though this is a very scary time to have other people in your home you can definitely take precautions, and get some help with your children, at the very least, in order to take some of the stress off your shoulders. I know that diagnosis for Coronavirus are rising but if you provide safe CDC guidelines to your babysitter, check their temperature at the door your family should be fine. Feel free to contact your babysitter beforehand to let them know the rules of your family during the Coronavirus.

Let a babysitter assist you and your family:

  • Babysitters can and will provide tutoring for your children, and help them with schooling while you work.
  • Babysitters will provide you a sense of relief by engaging the kids with appropriate activities that are screen-free.
  • Babysitters will provide your children a safe environment (your home) to take care of the kids under your watchful eye if you’re working from home.
  • Babysitters will make sure that you can have your online meetings undisturbed.
  • Babysitters will provide a space for you to be able to focus on work and handle all of the needs of your children including meals.

Great Babysitter

I personally can’t think of a time when parents need more relief then ever! We are under stressful situations, and your home is the safest place for you and your children. You can control who you let in your home and if you have a trusted source of childcare you should let them in. They can wear masks, keep their hands clean, keep your kids clean a lot easier then sending them off to a public place with other children where you don’t know all the places they have been, who they’ve been exposed to. You may not be certain with your babysitter BUT and this is a big BUT your babysitter is only one person and when you send your kids to camps and daycare you are exposing them to all of the daycare workers including all the people they are around, all the kids that attend and who they’ve been around, plus an environment that is doing the best they can to keep things clean but but it isn’t your home.