10 reasons to love a babysitter

I know it is difficult to leave your children with someone that isn’t family or even someone you know personally. I will tell you that no matter who you leave your children with there is no guarantee that something won’t happen to the kids when you leave BUT you need to understand that there is no guarantee when parents have the kids for the simple reason that kids are unpredictable. We all know that kids can move like lightning, and you never know where they’re headed; that is a certainty!  

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To help alleviate your worries when leaving your children here are some reasons to love your babysitter and feel comfortable that your kids are being left with people that care about your kids AND will do their best to keep them safe.

  1. They provide you freedom to have an adult life without the kids when you need a break.
  2. They will watch your kids more carefully then you do because if something happens on their watch it won’t be perceived as an oopsy!
  3. Babysitters will engage with your children that you normally don’t have time to do because that is their job and, basically, their only job.
  4. They will provide a new perspective to you and your kids in approaching children.
  5. Babysitters worth their weight in gold will absolutely love being with your kids and do stuff with them.
  6. Babysitters have the focus to listen to your children.
  7. Babysitters will be your child’s protector and friend.
  8. Babysitters can and will take your kids to activities parents may not be too keen on doing.
  9. Talented babysitters have an innate ability to love ALL children. It isn’t common for all people to love children that are not their own.
  10. Babysitters are part of your family and gives a family time to re-boot for both parents and children.

We all know that we have hesitancy leaving our children with others but we do need to for our mental health and for the sake of our children. Patience is always renewed when we can be free from responsibility whether it is from work or care giving. The children have the same sense of freedom too because they are away from the parents and not in school.  

It is important to keep in mind that your babysitter is a key part of your family and to remember what we love about babysitters. Being a babysitter is one of the most important professions that a person can do because a babysitter is in charge of a life and the development of children. We also expect more from babysitters then we did when children were left with pre-teens and teenagers. Homework is just one of the responsibilities we ask of our babysitters as well as being CPR and First Aid Certified. 

Let’s embrace babysitters instead of fearing them. They are a wonderful part of our lives!Great Babysitter