Don’t fear the babysitter

The Coronavirus is making the majority of parents scared to bring a babysitter into their personal homes. As restaurants and other places begin to open their doors it is important to know that bringing babysitters into your home will be okay too. Like everything we will need to change the way we bring babysitters into our homes.

Guidelines for bringing a babysitter into your home:
  1. When scheduling a babysitter when you have them on the phone ask them the basic CDC guidelines like have you been diagnosed with Covid or have you been around someone who has and if they have had a fever in the last 14 days etc.?
  2. Make sure that you let them know if you want them to wear a mask or not.
  3. When they arrive you should have them wash their hands immediately upon arrival.
  4. Go over how your family handles Coronavirus AND hand washing rules (shouldn’t need to be addressed but you should)
  5. Last but not least bring a babysitter into your home that you trust and understands the seriousness of Coronavirus.

You can’t stay home forever (I mean you could, but lives may be at stake). Couple time is important time. We also need to take time out individually to nurture ourselves, get some balance, remind ourselves of the person we were before our children and feel the freedom to actually have an uninterrupted conversation with our friends, our partners, and ourselves. To take a breath and relax without our children is okay and it can benefit the entire family unit because we can refresh ourselves and take some of the emotional heat from our lives. 

Don’t let the Coronavirus bring fear into our lives and our sanity. We are with our children more then ever and it is amazing. We are working from home, they are attending school at home, and now summer camp may be at home. Make sure that you are taking care of them and their needs but also your own. Don’t be afraid to bring a babysitter into your home just make sure you know how to change the way you do it. 

See you on the flip side!




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