7 great coronavirus dates

You May be at home but you can take time away from the kids!

Oh yeah the Coronavirus is here and it looks like it will be here for awhile but your relationship with your partner need not be sacrificed. You need time away from the kids probably now more than ever. The kids are always home, they are home for school, you’re home with them working, they can’t have physical play-dates and you’re organizing virtual play-dates, you’re in charge of keeping them educated and entertained all the while you’re missing your partner. 

This is a time to create space and time for you and your partner that is different then what you are used to but you need to do it. Your kids need it too. Kids need variety as much as you do so here is a list of fun things to do with just your partner:

7 Ideas for date nights that are just for you (all of these ideas should include a babysitter located in a separate space from you AND explained beforehand to the children what to expect): Membership Ad

  • Dinner and a movie. I know, this isn’t new but the way you do it is. You will need to schedule a time to order in food, create a space that is relaxing and feels different then normal, and rent an online movie through Amazon or other websites. (To make it feel special try to eat your dinner on plates and not the containers the food was delivered in)
  • Have a Binge Night. Watch a TV show from season to season without interruption. CAN YOU IMAGINE!? Get snacks, beverages (and if you drink you can indulge because you aren’t driving anywhere). Starting early is optimal too since it could take quite a bit of time to fully enjoy.
  • PicnicsWe live in beautiful Colorado and there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors whether it is a shared bike ride, packing a backpack full of food either from your favorite restaurant, or your own cheese and wine plate, picnic areas will be open too OR just a park and a blanket for star gazing. Remembering all the creative ways you wooed your loved one is an excellent resource; rooftop dinners, park picnics, bike rides, lazy boat rides….use your romantic imagination.
  • Contained and small house parties or barbeques. You can schedule friends you trust to your home for a small get together and have a space dedicated to just the kids. Scheduling a babysitter is critical and they should come with masks or you can provide them. If this is a party in the evening the babysitter can go home once the kids are in bed.
  • Virtual Party Night. Yes these are fun usually they don’t take that long but share some drinks with friends virtually and horror stories of being home with no breaks. We all love our children but they are challenging and creating a special time away not just once they go to bed and watching the news make some special time that you don’t do every day or night.
  • Virtual Museum visits. This is totally cool because so many of our museums and galleries are offering these tours. The kids won’t want to do it AND you can do this anytime not just during museum hours. Here are a couple of them that I’ve found: https://www.robischongallery.com/ this gallery is owned by one of my friends and her husband and they always bring in something new to their gallery, and of course Denver Art Museum

  • Couples Workout and dinner night. A lot of us love to workout (I’m not one) so why not go to a park near home and do a workout routine together, and then support our local restaurants with a pickup order from your favorite spot.
  • Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing or a winter hike. We are so lucky to live in Colorado. The outdoors is so accessible and our weather is so great. Outdoors activities are the best way to get out of the house during the Coronavirus and we can utilize all the wonderful outdoor activities like snowshoeing and cross country skiing. These activities are affordable, and close. Snowshoeing you can do at any close hiking area for free.

I know these are challenging times but we need to realize things aren’t the same and we don’t know when they will get back to normal if ever the normal we are used to. So we need to be motivated to take care of our relationships, and take care of our couplehood in a way that we aren’t used to. Let’s face it we all love our children but oh, my, word, they have so much energy and never seem to stop that we are exhausted. It is time to say YES to Parent’s Night In!



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