Dear Coronavirus

Dear Coronavirus,

You came into the world without discrimination and with a vengeance. We felt your impact swiftly on the old, middle age, and the young. Every nation has been affected by your wrath. 

Though it may seem vulgar I am grateful to you in many ways:

  1. Without you I may never have met my neighbor who is funny, wise,  and so fun to share virtual time with.
  2. My heart has been softened to the world and how we really are connected even though we may not know each other personally.
  3. I have shared an experience with Andrea Bocelli and the world on Easter that filled my heart with joy and gratitude.
  4. I have been humbled by the sadness for all the people around the world wounded by the loss of loved ones.mark-teachey-rhq2czV32_E-unsplash
  5. You have forced me to take time out for reflection, self-care and, though it may have been uncomfortable, to learn more about myself without the noise of day-to-day.
  6. I have learned better ways to stay connected with my immediate family that live elsewhere, and sharing fun times through videos and competitions.
  7. The earth itself has been renewed with cleaner air due to less carbon emissions. There are more more birds singing, and wildlife seems more relaxed without the intrusion of humanity. 
  8. I have learned new skills to improve my business, and hopefully be of better service.
  9. I have become aware of how truly lucky and blessed I am in ways that I didn’t recognize before.
  10. I have had moments where sorrow for humanity has been so great that my heart has become more open and aware.
  11. I see animals1nature with eyes full of appreciation and wonder. 
  12. I enjoy the antics of my pet more and feel grateful more for their companionship.pets and coronavirus
  13. I have absolutely loved seeing everyone reach out to one-another with empathy and kindness.
  14. I have grown to really love delivery services and the people who really keep us going.
  15. I have seen heroism in the most common day-to-day living that has been amazing.
  16. I have experienced awe in how incredibly selfless our medical community is and that their calling to take care of the sick is not just a job.
  17. I feel more positive and appreciative for the love we share for one-another and how we just keep plugging on no matter how hard.

I hope as things become more routine that I will not forget the impact you have had on my heart, and my life. Thank you for the reminder that we are life, and we need to see the earth and humanity as something that needs care, love, and connection.


With sincere gratitude,