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Congratulations; you’re a new parent! Deciding to have children is one of the most beautiful and scary decisions a person can make because you’re choosing to be responsible for a life…a LIFE! You made that decision, and now your child is here and, not surprisingly, giving them the very best is a top priority.

As a first-time parent, the books you have read and the experiences shared by others rarely prepare you enough for what to expect when your baby arrives. As a new parent your life routines have completely changed. Your sleeping pattern, schedules, and diet, all change when your baby arrives. With so many changes taking place in your life, it can be hard to be the awesome parent you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t be too hard on yourself. THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT. No kidding, there are apps that can make being a new parent less stressful and, possibly, even enjoyable!

Before we spend some time discussing those apps, here are two quick tips to jumpstart your smartphone parenting skills.

  • One app can’t do it all:  With so many apps out there, you might be tempted to go for one app that does it all. Who wouldn’t love to have such an app? The truth is, there isn’t an app like that, sorry. As a new parent, a lot of attention and expenses will go into raising your child. As such, it is safer to download simple, free apps, instead of the expensive versions. Avoid apps that claim to “have it all” — they seldom do. Download easy-to-use apps that can do specific things that you need them to do.
  • Baby-proof your smartphone:While you may have baby-proofed your house, you need to baby-proof your devices as well. Your baby isn’t your device’s best friend. If you don’t want to end up replacing your mobile devices every time an accident occurs, you need to get a waterproof smartphone case. LifeProof cases, for example, are drop proof and waterproof, which makes them a perfect match for a new parent!

With that out of the way, here are five apps you need as a first-time parent: 

1. Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor is one of the essential apps that will come in handy. As a new parent, you want to keep your baby in sight at all times — and the Cloud Baby Monitor makes that possible. It has a video baby monitor functionality that makes it possible for you to hear and see your baby very clearly. The baby also hears and sees you. It has WiFi and Bluetooth for your connectivity and convenience. The app has motion alerts for when your child moves. You can also sing lullabies to your baby from anywhere in the house.

2. WebMD Baby

The WebMD Baby app is all about your child’s health. The app provides you with a wealth of information about children in different stages of development. With over 1.7 million parents using the app, it’s one of the top parenting apps around. With the WebMD Baby app, you won’t have to stay in the dark about your child’s health.

3. Eat Sleep

Having a child is a learning process for you as a new parent. Your child may be new to the world and has a lot to learn, but so do you. The Eat Sleep app allows you to track aspects of your baby’s life. You get to follow when your baby eats, when they sleep, stain the diaper, and more. The app helps you to know your baby faster and even anticipate what your baby wants.

4. BabyTime

The BabyTime app is a great app every first-time parent should have. The app has similarities to the Eat Sleep app, but it has some additional features you will love. While the Eat Sleep app is for familiarizing yourself with your baby, this app is more about being the excellent parent you can be. It helps you document when your baby was last fed, how often you need to change the diaper, and which breast the baby prefers. The app helps you make informed decisions about your child and maybe correct anything you think needs fixing too.

5. Milestone Memories

The Milestone Memories app makes it possible for you to track the development of your child and celebrate the many milestones that lie ahead. Your baby’s first steps, the first word, and the first time your baby crawls can all be recorded using the milestone memories app. 


A huge part of being a parent is to make your child’s welfare a priority. Understanding what your child wants and when they need it is no longer complicated — you only need to equip yourself with the right resources to get that understanding.

Welcoming a baby into the world is a huge decision, and when your bundle of joy finally arrives, it’s up to you to be the world’s best parent. Fortunately, you have an arsenal of apps and tech to help you in this endeavor. Trust us when we say you’ll probably need all the help you can get! And to equip yourself with the apps listed in this article, check Google Play Store or the Apple Store, download, and enjoy growing and learning with your child.

Sleep training apps are also a great way to save your sanity sleeping-baby-01

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