Not Your ordinary Date Night: 7 extraordinary date ideas

Date night shmate night everyone says you need a date night. Do you really? I mean being married and parents can be pretty boring, and then you know you need to make some time to get away from the kids to reconnect but if you go to one more movie and dinner or WORSE a fundraiser for the school your kids go to you’ll slit your wrists! You’d rather not have a date night at all; thank you very much. It’s more of a bother then it is a pleasure. Am I right? Just one more thing you have to plan; UGH!

So think outside of the box or in the box when you think of things to do with the kids. Have you ever thought of enjoying venues that you normally take the kids to for just the two of you? There are so many great opportunities to enjoy museums and programs that you normally take the kids to but have you ever thought how great it would be to experience the venue without the kids? I have. Check out these fun venues that you’ve taken the kids to but haven’t even thought about going with JUST your significant other:

  1. The Museum of Nature and Science in Denver is one of the most fun Venues to to go without the kids and they always have something for just adults. This October 2019 activity looks like a great time to learn and kick back some brews without the kids.
  2. If art is your thing the Denver Art Museum has extended hours on the final Friday every month. They are open from 6pm-10pm. Have dinner and go enjoy some art.
  3. Speaking of art; you can always enjoy FIRST FRIDAYS in Denver on Arapahoe. This one is even free. It can be crowded but so what, go be with some adults for a while and if it’s in the budget get a beverage and some appetizers.
  4. How about the Butterfly Pavilion? I know that sounds weird but it is so fun to go there without a bunch of kids and they have opportunities that don’t include children. They have classes on a variety of interests and how fun to learn something new with your loved partner. Something new to share just between the two of you.
  5. I did this just last year and had a blast! I went axe throwing. This was so fun, and a lot of these venues allow you to bring food and alcohol or provide it. Some have food trucks that come too. This would be super fun to do with a group of friends, and you could share a babysitter to lower costs. Check it out.
  6. Believe it or not Colorado Parent Magazine has so many activities for just parents. It is so fun to do any of the activities they list. Heck I’ve even done some activities including watching bats in the evening, and owls too out on the prairie of Colorado these are really inexpensive activities too.
  7. With Halloween coming up don’t forget to treat yourselves to some fun without the kids. Check this activity out: a Ghost tour and brews; scary without being worried about the kids!
    Image result for axe throwing denver

All I can say is: have fun planning date night, just the planning can put energy back in your life that may have been lacking in your relationship. Something to special to look forward to can invigorate the most boring life, and put you back in touch with the child that lives in that adult/parent body.

Other resources you can check for date night ideas (Subjectively I admit they aren’t as creative as this list but maybe you like familiarity):




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