10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Babysitters

Hate is a very strong word but there is definitely a strong dislike parents have about babysitters’ behaviors. It is hard enough to leave your children with a babysitter especially one you don’t know but, unfortunately, leaving your kids with a babysitter is a necessary “evil” from time to time. 

  1. They use screens as a babysitter while they sit around and do nothing or are on their own screen.
  2. They cancel last minute with no notice leaving you in the lurch.
  3. They are late making you late for work or social engagements.                                                                   expect
  4. Having people in your home you don’t know nor have approved.
  5. Don’t engage with your children.
  6. Don’t adhere to bedtimes or a family schedule.
  7. Talk too much when they arrive and or leave.
  8. Give unwanted advice as to how to parent.
  9. Don’t clean up after the kids.
  10. Let’s be honest….the cost.


You can take control over these situations. How? Check in with the kids the next day (don’t think everything they say is true, especially if they are older kids and don’t like the babysitter) and most important you make your expectations known. The other thing, if the babysitter is late or cancels last minute you shouldn’t schedule them to babysit again. You need to treat your babysitters as professionals. If you’re late for your job or just don’t show up would you still have a job? Personally if you begin to treat your babysitters as professionals even the young ones you’ll get more bang for your money and the childcare industry might begin to change the reputation that is an easy job.

When childcare is done correctly it isn’t easy and you should be coming home after babysitting tired. There is nothing wrong with expecting your childcare providers to be on time, show up, take care of your children in a way that they are active, having fun, and being engaged with isn’t wrong. If you have great babysitting then you don’t mind paying the price for good babysitters. 



Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

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