Do your children think money grows on trees?

money tree

We live in an age where parents want to give more to their children than their parents did. This phenomenon has been going on for generations, and now we have children that simply have to ask for something and they get it. We are teaching our children that all they need to do to get what they want is just ask. I want a new nerf gun, I want a new iPad, I want a new Lego set, I want a new doll, I want a car, I want….. Is your response to this; “of course, here you go.” OR do you talk to them about the cost of things, teach them to save for things, be patient in order to get some of the things they want especially the more expensive items? Do your children have an allowance? If they do, do they spend it all at once? Do they want to go to the Dollar Store, and spend it even though they want something that is more expensive? Do you give them guidance on their spending, and let them know that they can have the small items from Dollar Store OR they can save their allowance and get the latest Star Wars Lego set?

I admit money is my weakness. I don’t have a concept of saving, or even earning. I’m the kid that got paid and runs off to get an ice cream, and that’s exactly what I did. My mom tried to teach me. She helped me open a savings account when I was 10 or 11 but I didn’t really save anything. I got a little bit saved and then I’d need a new John Denver album (yes, album, and John Denver. I wasn’t cool). I never saved towards anything of substance. I never saved for a car, my dad got me a beater for college, and that was good enough for me. My husband and I got a loan from his parents for our house, the list goes on. moneyand kids


I’m still not good at it, and now I’m super old (57). NOW I’m taking it seriously, and I ask myself what took me so long. Today I saw an older woman crossing the street that you could tell had no savings, no family, and possibly no place to live, and I thought that could be me in a heartbeat. 

So how do we effectively teach our children about money, how it works, what it takes to live without instilling guilt? How do we teach that money doesn’t necessarily equate happiness.  Teaching children to have a healthy relationship with money is possible; hard but possible.

I could regurgitate the articles I’ve read but instead I’m going to give you a link: I promise, if you follow this link you will begin to learn about how to successfully teach your children about money. I warn you, however, sticking with the plan of teaching kids about money will be the hard part. You will hear a lot of whining, temper tantrums etc. especially if your kids already have had a life of ask and you will receive all you want. But if you want your kids to be more successful with money then you are OR as successful as you are you need to begin now. the earlier the better. 







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