Hotel Babysitting

Traveling with children when you want to spend time with your significant other without kids can be hard. Now days, however, it really shouldn’t be for the savvy and not so savvy traveler. Everywhere you go, especially metropolitan areas there are babysitting services in the area; all you need to do is find them and research them BEFORE you get to your destination. You need to do this because you need to find out the reputation of the agency, and get comfortable with them before you decide you want them to take care of your children.

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10 things to consider for childcare when traveling:
  1. Find out what agencies are available in the area you’re going to.
  2. Go through their websites to see if they offer hotel babysitting, AirBNB etc
  3. Read the agencies reviews on Facebook, Google or Yelp.
  4. Contact the agency and talk to them in person, and see what your gut says (or your instincts) if they don’t sound friendly or excited, and too professional then they aren’t the right agency for your family.
  5. Is the agency going to provide activities for the kids or will you come prepared with activities for your children? If you want the babysitter to bring the fun what is appropriate for them to bring?
  6. Be prepared to reimburse the babysitter for parking if necessary. 
  7. Make sure you request a babysitter that will be a good fit for your kids. Even though it may be a one time deal you want the kids to be safe, and have fun; afterall it is their vacation too.
  8. If possible plan ahead. If you are going on an extensive vacation with your kids you will need a break for just the 2 of you so just make sure you have a plan for childcare. You may even want more then one time.
  9. You might want to consider getting a babysitter from a website that offers babysitters without going through an agency. This could be a cheaper way for you, and if the kids are older like 7+ it may be the best way to go financially. Just do your research on the babysitter you choose, and at the very least do a google search, and or a social media search on the specific babysitter you set your sights on.
  10. Last but not least: this is your family that you are putting into the hands of a virtual stranger and you need to feel comfortable with who you leave your children with, and don’t feel like you need to settle.



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