Do you need more than a babysitter?

crazy familyLet’s take a peek at your day: wake up (really early because you need to get ready and organize yourself before the kids get up), make sure the kid’s clothes are ready to go. When you do that you have to go into their cluttered rooms and you make a mental note that you need to get it organized AGAIN. You then go to the kitchen to figure out breakfast and pack lunches/snacks for the kids, when you look in the pantry you find that you are so low on snacks that if you don’t go to the store today the kids will have to share the last bag of goldfish tomorrow for lunch AND snacks; you might have more but you can’t find them due to the state the pantry is in (note to self organize pantry this weekend along with soccer, gymnastics, taking the kids out for a play date). You wake up the kids with coffee in hand, and they clump to the kitchen, sit down and proceed to complain that you are out of their favorite cereal, and while the kids get all riled up they then spill their orange juice on their school clothes that they put on BEFORE breakfast which you don’t like them to do, but choose your battles, you go back to their rooms only to find that drawers are in complete disarray, there are more clothes on the floor then in closets and drawers, you then make another note that you need to sort out clean laundry to dirty laundry because we all know that the clothes on the floor aren’t all dirty but, you need to find a clean shirt now, and you’re finding that impossible. This is only your morning. Needless to say the rest of the day is just a chain of events that keep you off balance, and not just today but nearly every day.

You have so much on your plate each and every day. You love your family but you feel like you really don’t get to enjoy them as much as you’d like since you and your partner both work, kids have activities plus school and extra-curricular activities (science fair, scouts, soccer, gymnastics, plays, music lessons on and on). It’s okay to ask for help. Family life isn’t what it used to be with one parent able to stay home, kids come home from the neighborhood school to cookies and milk, and cupboards full of food, laundry done, house is organized, etc because a parent was able to be home and do all of that organizing when the kids are at school. Those days are gone….WAY GONE!

A Family Assistant could be the person that stays home and takes care of all the stuff you can’t take care of while you and your partner are at work.

10 Reasons You Need a Family Assistant

  1. Nearly every day is spent catching up with family life
  2. Your family life is giving you stress
  3. You don’t feel like you’re being the best parent you can be
  4. A lot of your life is in chaos
  5. You feel like you can’t keep up with everyone’s schedules and needs                            
  6. You wish you didn’t have to meal plan every week or wing meals daily
  7. You feel guilty because you aren’t spending enough time with your family
  8. Your mind is always on something else besides the here and now when you’re with your family
  9. Weekends are spent figuring out the coming week
  10. You just want a minute to breath and maybe even golf or read a book without feeling you should be doing something else you NEED to do

There are more reasons to get a Family Assistant, I’m sure but, family life has changed significantly, and the way we approach parenting should change too.  Afterall it is the 21st century, kids go to schools at different locations and normally outside of the neighborhood, parents both work, parents need to be at work sometimes before school starts and need to stay at work for at least 2 hours after school lets out, we spend more time on the road, schedules aren’t simple either, and when all is said and done you actually don’t have enough hours in the day to enjoy the life and family you have so, in short, you should consider getting a Family Assistant consider them a Personal Assistant but for your family.



Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

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