Spring Break


I’m an old fuddy duddy because when I was growing up spring break applied to college students, not me when I was in  elementary school. Now kids of all school ages have spring break and I really don’t know how parents do it. I mean don’t parents still have to work all year round? What do you do with the kids? Do you go on a vacation? Do you arrange childcare? Does one parent take off of work? Being a parent is so much more complicated then it used to be.

With Spring Break pending here are some travel tips to make the travel caveat a little easier. But what if you stay home. Denver is such a great place to live with the mountains, skiing, downtown Denver activities, museums etc. We are lucky enough to have such a diverse city with lots of activities to choose. I’ve been looking around to find resources to share with Denver families on how to create a fun Spring Break with your children without breaking the bank if you click on this link you’ll have some really fun ideas. 

But if you are a family that can’t afford to take off from work, and need to plan childcare you should do it before Spring Break especially if you use a childcare agency. When you schedule a babysitter consider what you are looking for:

  • How long do you need the care?
  • What do you want the caregiver to do with your children?
  • Do you want the kids to go to activities even though you can’t take them?
  • Do you want to use a neighborhood kid? (this is a a cheaper option for older children that don’t need a lot of care and are basically self-sufficient)
  • Do you need just transportation for the kids?

Deciding the type of care you will need for Spring Break will assist in choosing the childcare necessary and the budget you will need to fulfill those childcare needs for Spring Break. If you simply need transportation you should look at agencies that provide that type of service such as: Hop Skip Drive or if you need care for children that aren’t quite old enough to trust to be alone but too old for a traditional babysitter look into hiring a neighborhood kid, or share the care with neighbors i.e. you are home one day and can take their kids, and they have another day they’re home and they can take the kids. If you live in a neighborhood that is family friendly you could probably round up 5 families to do that, and then you would only need to take 1 day off for childcare. If you get creative you can always work it out.


If you just don’t want to worry about it and know that the kids are safe then going with an agency, like Babysitters In a Pinch, is your best option. The agency will take care of getting a babysitter for you, schedule according to your schedule and what your specific childcare needs are, already have trusted babysitters ready to go. It really is easy to use an agency, and Spring Break can be a real headache especially to those families that don’t have the option to take time off from work.

Have a terrific Spring Break but don’t forget summer time is around the corner so you better start thinking about what you’re doing with the kids. The cycle never ends.



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Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

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