Parents’ sick day

I have NO idea how parents do it when they are sick. Recently I was sick for 2 weeks from a cold, and the stomach flu. One day I couldn’t even lift my head up to answer texts, and operating my business was nearly at a stand still. You can’t stop being a mom or a dad! For those who have spouses that can fill in that’s got to be super helpful, but for those who don’t it has to be a nightmare, not to say it isn’t a nightmare for everyone maybe pgust less of a nightmare.

Curious as to what parents do in these circumstances I asked. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of responses, AND I searched on the internet to no avail; so there you have it…parents, when sick, are (excuse my language) SCREWED! Here is the few pointers I gleaned from  what little informal information I found:

  • Ignore that you’re sick, and struggle through your day the best you can on the couch while keeping the kids in view.
  • Call spouse and see if they can put their work on hold to take care of the kids while you’re sick.
  • Call family if you have them around; usually your parents. If they can come immediately put the kids in their arms and go directly to bed.
  • Let screens be your saviour and babysitter during sleeping increments.

That’s it…that’s all the advice I could find. I did ask if anyone would consider getting a babysitter while they were sick and I heard “yes” and “no”. At the risk of hauking my own business I think parents should unequivocally call a babysitter for when they are sick. Babysitting isn’t like it was when we were growing up; the pay isn’t the same, they aren’t your nextdoor neighbor (normally) anymore, they should have more responsibilities, and you need to rely on them more then you used to. Babysitters have become a more integral part of our family lives then they used to be. So, call one! Get a babysitter when you’re sick; not to take care of you but to take care of your kids while YOU take care of YOU.

Well I’m sure this wasn’t the most informative article you’ve ever read nor the cutest, but I hope you found it worth reading, and hopefully it will plant a seed in your brain to rely on babysitters more then you do.   



Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

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