How to Help Your Child Start a Hobby Without Busting Your Budget




As much as kids need unstructured time to play and simply be a kid, they also benefit tremendously from spending time on a dedicated hobby. Whether it’s something active that builds physical strength or something educational that builds a love of learning, finding a hobby is one of the best ways for kids to discover more about themselves. Consider these hobby ideas, along with cost savings for getting started, to find the right fit for your child.

Crafty Hobbies

Most of us do cute crafts with kids when they’re small, but crafting is great for kids of all ages. Learning a craft helps hone executive function and memory while also developing fine motor skills. Young children can start small with coloring, gluing, and painting, while older kids can really delve into learning an artistic skill. You can find starter kits for everything from sewing and knitting to jewelry making, tie-dyeing, and more. Look for deals and special offers on kits and other craft essentials from major retailers like Amazon.

Educational Hobbies

If your child has a favorite subject in school or a particular interest they would like to explore, educational hobbies are the way to go. Encourage your science-loving child to do their own kitchen experiments, such as making Rainbow Magic Milk from Earth Science Jr. With a little help from you, these experiments bring learning to life in a way that is exciting and hands-on. Most ingredients needed are everyday kitchen items, and you can stock up by ordering them using weekly savings and getting cash back from major retailers like Walmart.

Starting a collection is another way that kids can take whatever interest they have and turn it into a fun and educational hobby. The potential for your child’s collection is limited only by their imagination. A few inexpensive collection ideas to suggest include postcards, stamps, coins, rocks, old toys, buttons, or e-coins. You may even find that working on your child’s collection is something you enjoy doing together. The Spruce suggests using this as an opportunity to teach kids about the importance of caring for their possessions.

Active Hobbies

All kids need physical activity, not just for good health but also to develop strength, balance, coordination, and just to get the wiggles out. Sports are great for learning the importance of teamwork and the reward of hard work and persistence. While sporting equipment can get expensive, you can keep costs down by searching out second-hand shops and shopping around online for discounts and promotions at retailers such as Target.

Team sports certainly aren’t the only way for kids to be active, though. Dance, martial arts, skateboarding, and bicycling are all excellent ways for kids to dedicate themselves to learning a skill while doing something that keeps them active.

Outdoor Hobbies

Active hobbies are even better when they also involve being outdoors. Get the whole family involved in hiking, kayaking, and camping. Outdoor exploration teaches survival and safety skills, along with an appreciation for the Earth and education about nature. Just like sports equipment, outdoor gear can add up quickly, but you can save money when camping by purchasing used and being strategic about the activities you choose.


Musical Hobbies

Learning to play an instrument is one of the best hobbies for kids because it combines so many different educational elements. According to Parents, music instruction develops skills that help kids excel in school, and it helps them learn discipline and patience while building self-esteem. Instruments and lessons don’t come cheap, but you can save money with these tips from They recommend renting an instrument when your child is first getting started. When you’re ready to buy, shop around online and consider buying a used instrument.

Parents on a budget know you sometimes have to get creative to make the finances work. Use these strategies to make your child’s new hobby as affordable as it is fun and educational. Most of all, these hobbies teach valuable life lessons that you definitely can’t put a price tag on.



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