Get Ready for Back-to-school

Back to school

Believe it or not it is time to start getting in the mindset of going back-to-school. I know, crazy; it’s only been a month or just over a month and it’s time to think about the routine once again. There are a lot of things you can do now that will start your school year off organized, calm, and hopefully, easy to maintain. By setting up a system of keeping track of schedules, activities, chores, and academics you’ll be able to feel better about the upcoming school year, and keep you on track. 

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1. Get your Calendars (regular block, color coded, and Whiteboard, Phone apps)

2. One week before school starts get back to sleep schedule 

3. Get basic school supplieasks organized both in backpacks and at home study area

4. Lunch containers cleaned, bought, or replaced. Have kids put them in the same place every day and if old enough assist in packing their lunch for next day

5. Set up morning routine, after school routine, and evening routine. Write it down so children know what to expect every day (this is where the color coded calendar can come in handy).

Creating habits that will keep everyone involved and responsible for their own tasks makes the school year easier.

Get yourself organized now and the rest will be a breeze!     checklist1

Even though this takes up so much of your time but remember, if you do these suggestions now you will save so much time and headache going forward. Most of us don’t like routines but sometimes they’re necessary and keeping a good schedule going makes a more pleasant day-to-day. Of course the occasional break of the routine is important too….when those happen the kids are super stoked!



How Do I Say “No” To My Child

How Do I Say “No” To My Child

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