The Sock Crises


lost socks

If you have children you have a sock crises. You might have one anyway but if you have kids you REALLY have one. I don’t even have to ask you because I know you do. It’s time for school or any activity and the kids need to put on socks and there isn’t a pair of socks to be had….Geeze! You even just bought socks last week. Where are all the socks?

You and I both know that nearly the moment the kids hit the house off go the shoes and socks. Are they neatly put somewhere; let’s say, the dirty clothes hamper OR anywhere that is consistent? Hell NO! They are strewn to the the nether regions of the house to be never found again until you move when the kids have left the house; you’ll find a little lint covered sock for a 2 year old that is now 18.

My bit of advice: forget about it! OR just go ahead and keep the trend going of mismatched socks for kids (you may not be familiar with that one but go ahead and feel free to bring it back or keep it going and just let the buggers wear socks that don’t match). I’ve created laundry bins labeled for missing socks that is gone through once a week to possibly match up socks from the past week and no, this doesn’t work either. This system will work for parents and other adults but for kids; forget about it!

One of the reasons it is difficult to forget about it; well, the overflowing sock drawer is chock-full of socks with no mates. Drawers are like a clown car bursting with socks; all of which are not wearable because they are missing their significant other. Gone are the days of parents looking for a perfect mate to spend the rest of their lives with; it has been replaced with looking for the mate to socks for their kids!

So good luck all of you people out there trying to find matches to socks for your children. Good luck trying to come up with systems that will keep socks matched. Maybe just invent disposable socks that can be thrown away after one use; then it’s good luck getting the kids to use the garbage can to throw them away!

Tune in next time for the mitten crises!