Crafting With Babysitters 2

Crafting doesn’t have to be finger painting, glue, water colors, crayons, play-doh etc. It can also be about introducing children to different artists, and trying to imitate what they do. It is a lot of fun and educational. It also gets me excited to do things with them. This practice has also been about me educating myself on different appropriate artists that are fun to look at and imitate with children.

Some of my favorites have been: Andy Goldsworthy, Jackson Pollock (he’s not one of my favorite artists but he is important to know about), Kustav Klimt, M.C. Escher. M. C. Escher is a very complicated artist and probably fit for older children.

Here are a few of the wonderful things we’ve created with the inspiration of these artists:






Fall leaves craft

So, go ahead introduce smart into your craft projects. Kids are so much smarter than we think and they crave new ideas: not just popsicle sticks. You could learn something new too and that makes your life more exciting and fresh.



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