What is a Nanny and What is a Babysitter?

babysitter vs nanny.png www.babysittersinapinch.comNot to be a stinker, but families who need a “babysitter” to come and get there kids off to school and then come back later in the afternoon to pick them up and take them to after school activities are looking for a Nanny not a Babysitter. Why and what’s the difference?

A babysitter is a person that comes and takes care of the kids, temporarily, while parents are away. They are individuals who are responsible for the general welfare of children; having fun with them, making sure they are dry, clean, well fed, house is picked up while the kids a sleeping (bedtime and or nap time). Just all around responsible individuals who love being with kids and interacting with them.

A nanny is a person that comes on a regular basis, takes kids to school, does household chores, makes meals, helps with homework, does household errands, picks up kids after school, takes them to after school activities, and is dedicated to your family and your family only. Willing to change their schedule to help a family out and if that means school drop off and pick up with a break in between then they will do that.

Families should expect to pay more for nannies than babysitters because they are required to do more and go the extra mile for the families they serve. They are regular parts of the family routine (nearly family members) that everyone knows, loves, trusts, and enjoys being part of the family.

Babysitters are occasional care givers that cover date nights, snow days, and sick days. They are not part of the regular routine of a family. They shouldn’t be required to take kids to activities, help with homework, give baths, or even cook. Babysitters can be asked to warm up meals, or take the kids out to various activities but they aren’t required to do so, nor should they be.

When paying a caregiver you need to be clear about what your expectations are in regards to what services you need them to do. You will, and should pay more for a nanny, than a babysitter. When you decide what you need as a caregiver you then need to decide on whether or not they are a nanny or a babysitter. Rates for babysitters in the Denver area range from $10-$20/hr (based on Care.com and Sittercity asking rates and cost of living for Denver). A nanny on the other hand; you can pay upwards of $30/hr+ depending on their contributions to the family. Remember if you’re going to pay that kind of money keep in mind that you are the boss and that they should be willing to do laundry, cook and prep meals, pack lunches, homework, organize activities, grocery shop, and all-in-all keep the family organized.

Knowing what you need for the care of your children is going to help you make the right decision for the right caregiver. Knowing the difference between babysitters and nannies is a great place to start in educating yourself on pay, and expectations.




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