For the Love of Children and Valentine’s Day

Do you remember when you were young, and the anticipation of Valentine’s Day was so great? I remember making my valentine envelope, kind of the Valentine’s mailbox for school that I hung on the front of my 


desk in hopes of it being filled to overflowing with Valentine’s from all of my friends from school. I remember running home to see how many Valentine’s I got for the day. I read all of them and I would interpret every one of them. When they said stuff like; “Be Mine” I just knew this person liked me and when it was accompanied with a cookie I KNEW that they REALLY wanted me to be their Valentine. It was disappointing when these particular Valentine’s weren’t signed.

Valentine’s was the day that was between Christmas and my Birthday (in March) that made the year flow from one holiday to the next. It broke up the monotony of the school year, and I loved it.

I still have fond memories of Valentine’s and, though, as an adult it is tainted with marketing and the innocence is long gone of paper Valentine’s and a simple cookie I love watching the children get their Valentines.

In honor of Valentine’s download these cute printable Valentine’s provided by Kiwi Crate to give to your children or have them give to their friends. Have fun, and have joy this Valentine’s Holiday when you see the light of love in your children.