5 Gifts for Your Babysitters


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The holidays have arrived, and you’re not sure what to get everyone. But this list of gifts for your babysitters will help you know what to get them. The reasons for giving a gift to your babysitter or any caregiver for that matter; are plentiful:

  1. They love your children
  2. They work to enhance their success in school and life
  3. Babysitters create activities to help a child’s learning process
  4. Babysitters guide our children in social circumstances that parents aren’t there for
  5. Babysitters make leaving your children easier while you reconnect with your spouse or other loved ones.

The list can go on forever, and because our children’s caregivers are integral in their lives and yours; it is important not to forget these beautiful people that ease our lives, and help our children become the wonderful people they are and will become.

Personal handmade gifts are wonderful and very thoughtful. The gifts you give don’t have to be expensive, and I have to admit that my refrigerator is full of little pictures, cards, and crafts that have been given to me by the children I’ve had the pleasure to babysit. I actually keep all my gifts (pics on the fridge) until December 31 and I take a picture before I take them down so I have a permanent record of all the gifts I’ve been given by little hands. 

If you want to give something a little more permanent anything that includes your family picture, the kids, their little hands, anything that is a memento of your family will be very meaningful to your childcare giver.

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