Male Babysitters or Mannies; Thoughts?

coolparent  Currently I have one male babysitter. He’s great with kids, funny, warm, patient, great energy, conscientious, and I would allow him to babysit my own family (if I had one) BUT rarely do I get to use him because people are hesitant about male childcare providers.

Now, I think, I know why. I believe that it is commonly believed that men aren’t very good caregivers, can be sexual predators, don’t have a gentle side to them, can’t possibly have the understanding and compassion that a child needs especially if it isn’t their own child, and other reasons. I, too, am hesitant in hiring male sitters due to the prejudices that are attached to them, and that I understand. However, I’ve met plenty of men that are as genuine, honest, patient as they come. What is great about male babysitters is that they are usually more physically active than women babysitters.

Female babysitters are into crafts, art projects, coloring, and more passive activities then male babysitters. Some families have very active boys or girls that would benefit from a competent male babysitter. The energy and style that male babysitters bring to families is amazing. They will even clean up when asked. I’ve found that kids adore them too.

male babysitters

I will admit that I don’t hire as many male babysitters as female babysitters and that is because I get more applicants that are female, and then once I interview I have to feel really comfortable with their experience, the reasons why they want work as a babysitter, and of course a very clean background check. So far even though my experience with male babysitters is small I have really liked working with them, and found them to be different than female babysitters but not in a way that leave my families wanting.

With all I know about male babysitters and the research I’ve done I feel better about hiring male babysitters. Would you feel comfortable with a male babysitter of manny?



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