Best Products? Or Just Marketing?

So, you’re just a regular person and you need something. How do you find out what could be the best product that isn’t a paid for advertisement like Angie’s List (I’m sure you realize if you have a service listed on Angie’s list you need to pay to have it there), there are also reviews on YouTube, or other sights that the product reviewer MAY be getting paid to review it? Where do you go to get an unbiased opinions and research before you buy? www.babysittersinapinchRecently it has come to my attention that there is a website: This website is an independent, unpaid, research site that will give you so much great information and ratings on anything from baby formula, yoga mats, makeup, electronics and more.

I don’t know, but as an aging woman moisturizers, make-up or anything expensive that is a beauty product I put on my face is so hard to figure out, and I’m sure that it is the same thing when choosing diapers, formula, prenatal vitamins, etc. Since I am a babysitting agency I saw that they had a review on background checks. Since I do background checks on every single person I consider to bring on as a babysitter I checked it out. What was excellent was they only gave me a list of 2 resources, gave me simple language that was easy to comprehend (not that I’m stupid, but needing to read between the lines of flowery gibberish is ridiculous; I just want the information), and I found the 2 resources that they reviewed definite possibilities to change my background check resource that I currently utilize. I really felt more in control of my decision making process without being pushed into anything.

Yes, I’m sure that you’re thinking on your end; is this an unbiased review; I can honestly say yes. I’m not getting paid, I just thought my readers, and the families that utilize my service would find it helpful. At the very least check it out if you’re wondering about anything you might be considering to purchase. They even have electronic reviews!

Happy shopping, and you’re welcome!


How Do I Say “No” To My Child

How Do I Say “No” To My Child

Learning to tell a child ‘No’ is one of the many challenges parents have to face and conquer. A parent’s love is unconditional, which is why he/she wants to fulfill every wish of the child. Although the sentiments are understandable, it is not practical or feasible to succumb to every demand of the child. It is important to draw the line between ‘want’ and need’. Many parents cannot get themselves to say ‘No’ or simply regret it when they do.

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