I’m Officially Old

fidgetspinner#Fidgetspinners. What a trend, and when will it end? I really don’t understand the craze. I really don’t. It seems to me that if a person has a hard time focusing the last thing you need is a fidget spinner. Of course that’s my simple mind speaking. But I have to ask haven’t studies proven that the mind really can’t multi-task? Isn’t this a multi-task. Kids I #babysit that have trouble focusing don’t seem to pay anymore attention to instructions they have a fidget spinner, AND I believe I see less focus on what I’m saying.

I remember the good old days of going to school and NOT being allowed to take my toys. I’m amazed at how many parents let their kids take stuff to school these days. Isn’t it hard enough for our educators to fight with already short attention spans? I’m just asking.

Dig it, they’re combating with autism, toys from home, attention spans that are hit with something new every 30 seconds according to studies, squishy (stress) balls, friends, video games, and smart phones. I think parents back in the day knew that kids needed to pay attention in school, church, or anything that educated us on different things. I wasn’t really allowed to take toys to friends’ homes in case we lost them.

The thing that gets me the most is the surprise parents and caregivers have when kids can’t pay attention, and they put them on meds, or give them something like a fidget spinner to assist with their focus….REALLY!? How about the good old fashion word: NO.

No you can’t take toys to school, no you can’t play video games that are overly stimulating, no you don’t need to have a smart phone, no you don’t need to have everything your friends have, no you don’t need a #fidgetspinner to help you focus.

Just say no to the fidget spinner.      fidgetspinner1