Mistakes Were Made…

mistakes Well huh. I just thought they were playing house in the bedroom while I made lunch; it was only a second!

When this type of thing happens to a parent all is ok, but if it happens to a babysitter all hell breaks loose. On the babysitter’s end they panic! If they don’t get this cleaned up immediately parents will return, and there goes that job! One time while I was babysitting it had nothing to do with the kids; they were in bed. I simply needed to use the restroom, and the toilet clogged; running over! I was horrified…HoRRiFied!!!!! Now, what do I do? I had no idea where rags were located, thank God there was a plunger that I could use next to the toilet, and I knew to turn the water off under the toilet. But, my gosh what was I supposed to do? The toilet water got all over the bath toys, the garbage can (it was a very small bathroom). I also had to make sure that I was quiet because it was an apartment that was small; I didn’t need to wake up the kids.

I worked quickly, quietly, and like a ninja with a plunger! I could only find paper towels to mop up everything. I basically used an entire roll which I felt guilty over but hey, what could I do? I then used sanitizing wipes to clean bath toys, toilet, garbage can, etc. I admit, when mom got home I made no mention of the incident, and I was torn to tell or not to tell; I decided “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her”. Am I still conflicted; yes.

Anyway the standard  babysitter is held to is a lot different standard than a parent; sometimes it is an even higher standard. When parents get home and there have been some mishaps it is normally attributed to the babysitter not doing their job. I mean, how could the bathroom be such a mess if they were watching the kids? Not like that has ever happened to a parent.

On the other hand some parents are too lenient with their babysitters. They put up with tardiness, a lot of no shows, absenteeism, and the house ALWAYS being a mess. Simply because their kids love the babysitter. That isn’t cool either. You pay a lot for childcare now days, and putting up with mediocre babysitting isn’t okay, no matter how much your kids love them; you can find a babysitter they will love just as much, and who does more than simply play with the kids.

There is a balance between expecting too much, and not expecting enough from your babysitters. Mistakes will be made, and some will be more serious than others. I actually used foot fungal cream on a rash instead of cortisone cream, and to this day the parents laugh and joke about me finding a new cure for body rashes. In my defense the cortisone cream was generic and not well labeled; so was the foot fungal cream.

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Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

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