Weekly Holiday Humor Break (Maybe)

How about I decide NOT to give any advice on Holiday stuff? How about I don’t give you any cute ideas on how to save time, wrap cuter presents, how to decorate your home, how to make your holiday dinner the most beautiful EVER! How about I don’t tell you how NOT to get stressed or share some odd steps to create anything! How about I do give you holiday memories or just plain memories, and share with you some of the silly, funny, heart-warming memories I have of growing up in a family; that we all feel we are a part of, the dysfunctional one.

So, once upon a time a Christmas a long, long, time ago my mom was rocking me (I think I was 5; I know but she rocked me forever, and I loved it), my dad and my brother were, I think, building something. Then in this calm all of a sudden the front door opens in a swift loud entrance there stood Santa! santa

I’m not kidding there he was with the whole get-up; red suit, white beard, black boots EVERYTHING!!! Both of my parents were right there so it couldn’t be them. It was REALLY Santa! My brother and I were astounded; as we shockingly looked at each other with a combination of shock and disbelief washed over our faces. Why was Santa standing in our living room? It wasn’t Christmas yet but our tree was up and decorated so it was the season. It was the MOST exciting thing ever; to have such a guest of honor; Santa himself in our living room! I can’t even convey the magical feeling that was in our home.

The best part; he brought us presents too! My brother got a really cool 18 wheeler, and the doors were operational, so cool in the 60’s (I’m old; operational doors were amazing then). I got a doll, I think. Obviously I thought my brother’s 18 wheeler was a much better and memorable present than mine since I can’t even remember it.

The point; this is a memory that will be with me forever, and it has a been a gift of a life time. I still believe in Santa to this very day; I really do.