Gratitude Month

thanksgiving3 This year let’s not just celebrate Thanksgiving one day. Let’s celebrate it the entire month of November. I mean; Christmas gets way over a month, and maybe if we give gratitude for what we do have we won’t feel that we need so much for Christmas and our wallets will be saved!

I love Thanksgiving, I love the holiday itself, and I want to create a movement for extending the idea of Thanksgiving to a full month. Let’s start by making a fun game to share with our kids, and make a daily thankful calendar; kind of like an advent calendar but a Thanksgiving one. Each day the children and YOU put something behind a door on a calendar OR in a stack of small, numbered boxes of hearts or any shape box of something that indicates what you’re grateful for. It could be a picture, a memento, a photo, anything that will indicate something that you’re grateful for.

Now here’s the beauty of this: this year you will put what you’re thankful for in a box or calendar door and then NEXT year you will open up a door or box for each corresponding date of November and take out the wonderful things you put away in your calendar the year before and you will be reminded of all the things you were grateful for last year.

You will be able to repeat this year after year and each year it can be different if you choose to switch out your mementos etc. Look for next week’s blog post and I will feature my Thanksgiving advent calendar that may help you with the development of your own.

LET’S DO THIS! Thanksgiving ROCKS!!!!  rocks