Small Little Inventions With Lasting Consequences

magicmarker    Once upon a time there were no Magic Markers. Actually no markers at all! You say Wha….what? I know, how could that have ever been? But, yes something that we’ve come to take for granted has only been around since 1952! For me that begs the question who decided that a marker was something we needed. I mean, before the marker why was it even thought of being invented? But now that it HAS been invented when you need one you REALLY need one! How would you label boxes when moving? How would you label boxes in storage? Mail packages, write on plastic bags or other plastic containers? Forget labels you have a Magic Marker!

Now let’s talk about the Glue Stick. This thing made classrooms so much cleaner, your home less sticky, and your kids stomach much less full of paste and or glue! When I was a kid we had that shortening paste and used Popsicle sticks to scoop it out and put on the craft we were making. I can’t tell you how many kids loved the smell of that stuff and the rumors that went around the school about who ate past. YUCK!!!! So who invented this little gem? It was a German (of course) scientist. He saw a woman applying lipstick, and an idea was born, and  well, we have Glue Sticks! Thank God for lipstick…huh?



Now let’s talk about the humble pencil. The writing device we (or at least me) can’t even imagine living without. Without this writing utensil there would be no other inventions: Right? Even with the invention of the computer everything starts with an idea on paper done in pencil. Even architecture would be obsolete not to mention art! This one small little thing has made a huge impact on civilization. A great novel would have never been written, I mean….WOW!

Believe it or not this little bit of miracle invention was invented by farmers in the 1500s. It’s invention is as simple as the pencil itself. A storm tore down a tree in England which exposed a shiny black substance now known as graphite. Farmers began using it to mark livestock (don’t ask me about this part, I don’t know, I think a Magic Marker would have been better). Out of neatness and ease of use they began encasing it in wood. CRAZY simple right?

This might be useless information but some fun facts about items we use everyday in our lives! Enjoy.