Let’s Read Together!


I must have been the weirdest child ever. I couldn’t wait to read, and when I started kindergarten I was excited because I knew the next year I would be in first grade, and I would then learn to read. When the first day of first grade arrived I was so excited. This would be the day I would learn to read. MAN, was I disappointed. Mrs. Dunn, my first grade teacher, DID NOT teach me to read the first day of first grade and I almost didn’t go back!

My mom really didn’t read to me but my older sister did. My sister was 11 years older then myself, and I know that my love for reading started with her. All my siblings could read, and I thought that was a real sign of independence, and being a grown up. I couldn’t wait. I would no longer be at the mercy of my sister reading to me, and I could finish a book as fast as I wanted when I learned to read.

As you all know it took longer then 1 day or even a week to learn to read. The learning to read took a lot longer then I thought it should have. I should have been able to read, in my mind, within minutes of learning the alphabet! I’ve never been that patient; especially when it comes to learning skills I perceive as a necessity to succeed.

With this in mind I thought I would share a reading list with you to share, and read with your children. Share reading as a weekly activity where you really discuss a book, and what is going on. In this list I’ve listed some old classics, and some new recommendations. Keep in mind that even though the books may be for older children your younger ones can enjoy them too if your family engages in discussion; think of it as a family book club.

With no further ado here you go:

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White: still a timeless book that children still love, and enjoy. It is a book about a simpler time when a child’s entertainment was hanging out in a barn. Trust me, I still read this book to children and they adore it. The lessons of compassion are priceless.

Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary: this book is really good to read with children who are passionate, see life as an adventure, and are energetic in all they do. If Ramona were alive today she would probably have sensory issues, autism, or ADD. This book was one of those books that has stayed with me through all of my challenges in life. Read it…you’ll love it and so will your kids.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis: this book is an excellent book to read to your older children and especially during the month of January in honor of Black History Month. Be prepared to have frank discussions with your children about civil rights, and inequality.

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones: this is a suggestion that comes to me from the social network Goodreads.com via Elizabeth Khuri Chandler co-founder. This book is fantasy, and follows the quest of a young girl to break a magic curse. Most children love fantasy. I highly recommend this book if your children are into Pokemon.

The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy: this is a book about family dynamics that is fun and opens up a lot of discussion on rolls, struggles, etc that a family encounters in living dayt-to-day lives.

The Moffats by Eleanor Estes: This book comprises of short stories about a family in the depression being raised by a single mom whom is a seamstress. The adventures the kids get into are delightful, and all children will identify with them; from Rufus running away, to scaring the neighborhood kids on Halloween. You’re children will enjoy it, and so will you. You won’t be able to help yourself from feeling nostalgic.

So this is my short little synopsis of books I believe you and your children will enjoy reading together. Enjoy Family Book Club!