Actual, Real Life Quotes for Back-to-School

yay!BTSHere in Colorado most of our kids headed back to school Monday 8/24: Today. Oh man parents can now take a bit of breath. All the before school check lists are complete, the lunches have been planned, school books, pens, clothes, etc have been purchased, and the kids are off! You either feel woo hoo or something else. Here are some quotes of some parents that I’ve read this week; enjoy!

“The first day of school makes me sad. Nothing more acutely marks the passage of time. I miss my kids during the day. But mostly, I miss how they were last year, or when they were three, or when they were in onesies. Who are these people in my house with their big feet, big vocabularies, big opinions, dirty hair and lipstick?” -Facebook Bess Scully

“I was having a moment this morning because I realized that after 11 years, I now will never drop off or pick up another kid on the ‘little kids side.’ -Facebook Lisa Santos

“Thank you God for ending summer break and bringing some semblance of order to home again.” -Kelly Ozley

“No pressure boys, but your entire future rests on your performance this year in Pre-K”. -Kirk Fordham

“the last time i woke up this excited was back when i was a pre-teen, and waking up to go on a school field trip to examine tide pools”-Twitter Cherise

“Can’t wait to go back to school shopping for fall clothes.”-Twitter Jillian Haima

This one is my favorite: “It’s back to school time and everyone’s schedules are changing. How do you get your pet ready for the new routines?”- Ordell Animal Hosp Facebook (seriously NOW you have to worry about your pet too! Geezus)

“What kind of wine goes well with back to school?” – Twitter @WomensHumor


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